They should go back to how Halo 2-3 handled DLC

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User Info: Adamska

4 years ago#71
Halo 2: Maps eventually becoming free; hell yes!

Halo 3 lock people out of 50% + of the plalists for lacking DLC; **** NO!
"I prefer to call armour lock "an admission of failure" " - jimmytheballs
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User Info: ssj3blade

4 years ago#72
KageNoSenshi posted...
ssj3blade posted...
From: KageNoSenshi | Posted: 2/25/2013 10:01:10 PM | #020
I'm not sorry i don't take video games as seriously as you do. You should learn to lighten up, bro.

Your opinion is invalid as the Majestic maps are 10/10 and if you don't have them you deserve to be confined to one playlist.

I'd also make it always BTB for an even more unpleasant experience.

I guess i can see why you'd have to try so hard to justify purchasing terrible maps at an overcharged price. I mean what better reason than to earn the privilege to keep playing in old playlists.

I can see why publishers love and cater to you guys.

Poor detected
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User Info: KageNoSenshi

4 years ago#73
Sure if poor means having more money than you because I don't waste it on dumb crap.
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User Info: Young_Hercules

4 years ago#74
darkhare posted...
Blood_Redd posted...
darkhare posted...
Blood_Redd posted...
I hate how there are all these new map packs that can only be played on their specific playlist and the rare game outside of those where everyone has them. I like the way it was handled in 2 and 3 where it was a requirment on all playlist except like social. Also make a seperate social playlist for guests. Guests ruin everything.

yeah i tend to agree, forcing those who bought the map packs to not play them isnt the right way to go. instead they should force those who didnt buy the map packs to drop out of that specific game when the majority has and votes to play them, that is after all the point of a voting system isnt it?

Not necessarily kick out players without the maps. That'll lead to uneven teams. Just have whoever doesn't have the maps be unable to joun that playlist.

i disagree cause we then seperate the community, and force those that bought the map packs into a single play list to play the maps. it should be the other way around, when did the ppl who chose to play a multiplayer dominant game but dont want to buy the map packs to continue the multiplayer experience get the high ground on this matter?


You come off as such a self-entitled snob. I work for a living and can absolutely afford to purchase DLC but I won't out of principle. Developers often create the DLC before releasing a game but save it to sell at a later date as a pricing strategy.
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