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User Info: OmALY_03

4 years ago#11
Post a message before we start because I probably won't get back on Halo tonight.
Give me your MONEY!!!

User Info: HectorGarfria

4 years ago#12
I have 3 controllers available.

Invite me in whenever a session is going down.

GT: Hector Garfria

User Info: Killean_Nuggets

4 years ago#13
I can play!!!

GT - Swizzy Dangles

I dangle better than those southern turtles

I have 4 controllers.

User Info: ssj3blade

4 years ago#14
I can play, I have two controllers. Message me GT vBlite
~ ssj3blade || GT = finalfantastica

User Info: igotacow

4 years ago#15
I got 4 controllers looking for someone else with 4 controllers
Gamer tag gerbster

User Info: CountAlucard66

4 years ago#16
ive got three controllers.
GT: CountAlucard66

User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

4 years ago#17
I have 5 controllers
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