ITT: Things you did to make yourself a better player

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User Info: JayMJjinks

4 years ago#31
darren19822000 posted...
JayMJjinks posted...
loose my virginity

never gonna happen for you

lmfao go back 2 bed darren LOL ur so old

XxOblivion77 posted...
From: KageNoSenshi | #027
LOL @ being better when you're in a meaningful relationship.

You realize that your topic says "things you did" right? Which would mean he already did that.

Your knee-jerk defensiveness is alarming.

He said it to be a f***** because it implies that people who care about being good at Halo are neckbeard virgins who have no lives.

Your ignorance is alarming.

lmfao u have an active imagination kid go use it on sumthing productive like fingerpaints or sumthin LOL

@Msheridan1990 - follow me on twitter lmfao
offical voice of the h4 community LOL
(message deleted)

User Info: Spoke_Wrecker

4 years ago#33
I modded my profile so I could shoot Gauss rounds out of my DMR with the rate of fire that a saw has.
What do I look like Mr Frank-****-For-Free? No doe, Hoe? You can't **** with me

User Info: shinigamiefa

4 years ago#34
Here a some things I tend to do and had helped me be more productive in my team:

- If you get killed, unless you lost some important weapon(s) that you think you can salvage don't rush into battle again.

- Is important to me to have patience and being calm because it helps to steady my aim.

- Positioning and observing how the battle flows helps you understand which route is taken by both teams and where are the locations that the big engages mostly occur.

- If you are sniping, change locations after a few kills.

- If your team has the advantage and momentum stay relatively close to them.

- I don't camp but the element of surprise is efficient, sometimes being rambo doesn't cut it.

- Don't get desperate if you are not getting much kills, getting lots assists also wins games.

- Know how many shots or time it takes to kill an opponent from a distance or a melee combo (a few shots followed up by a melee).

- Get a feel on all weapons so you can get used to their rate of fire. This helps me understand how to strafe better in duels. Combine this with the sensitivity level you feel more comfortable with to have better aim.

Hope this helps, good luck.
---"One does never fail, but succeed in finding a solution that does not arrive at the desired result"---

User Info: XxOblivion77

4 years ago#35
From: KageNoSenshi | #030
Wow that really did strike deep didn't it?

Ultimate rustle.

Not really but you're still insecure enough to try and hurt people over the internet.

GT: OhBlivEeUn

User Info: True_Scorn

4 years ago#36
Remember to use every gun available when the situation arises. I see players lose gun fights because they're "above" using a needler they had sitting in their ordinance or whatever. Everything goes in a gun fight!

More specifically, close the distance on DMR users, you can smell the fecal matter in their pants when doing this...
GT = True Scorn

User Info: JFKandLBJ

4 years ago#37
Most people want to know how to aim better. It is really as simple as putting the crosshair on he target and pressing fire. Problem is most people lack the focus to maintain contact with your opponent through the entirety of a 5-shot. It is all about being able to manifest your will to influence the game. Better players exert greater influence and have better control and focus.

User Info: jesse_skater

4 years ago#38
TMoney650 posted...
Played mlg and customs with good people from the Reach board, and also That1Guyy
Halo 4 Gameplay GT: Jesse I3aker

User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#39
I didn't read all 4 pages, but if no one else said it: turn off you vibration.

A guy I played online taught me this one back in Halo 2. It feels very strange at first, but ends up helping a lot. Still don't know why they didn't put an in-game option in Halo 4, but I hear you can do it from some other main menu on the XBOX itself. I've left it on, myself, for this game because of the convoluted way to get it off, but still, it helps.
On a scale of 1 to Voldemort, he's a "Doesn't have a nose, but doesn't know Evada Kedabra." - RAGEface14

User Info: jesse_skater

4 years ago#40
yeah i have my vib off

xbox guide>settings>preferences>viberation
Halo 4 Gameplay GT: Jesse I3aker
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