ITT: Things you did to make yourself a better player

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User Info: Havelocksmoke

4 years ago#61
Changed my button layout to Bumper Jumper back during halo 3. Allows you to jump and move while never taking your fingers off the stick. Can make some abilities like jetpack hard to use, so I just don't use them. Bumper Jumper is excellent for swat to keep a moving target and still be able to hit people while moving.

Crouch. Always crouch to stay off the radar, helps to loose people and to get the jump on people.

Avoid heavy vehicles. Hijacking vehicles is fun but can cost you a few deaths to finally take a mantis or tank down.

If your not good at driving certain vehicles stay out of them, let someone else that lives for the banshee take it if all your gonna do is a loopty loop to your death.

And finally stop dying. Pick your battles and stay out of the middle of battle. Help teammates by assisting or stealing kills. I am happy with a game win or loose if my kills are more then my deaths.

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User Info: emmmmmmmmmmmmmm

4 years ago#62
Havelocksmoke posted...

Check out my Halo 4 vids via search for Minstogo in halo 4.

no thanks id rather not waste my time watching a horrible players gameplay

User Info: Booty_Call

4 years ago#63
I played more.
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User Info: SwimmingToaster

4 years ago#64
I started using the DMR and Boltshot. I also started using active camo to hide my ass whenever I got shot at.

Maximum cheese.
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User Info: LowOnMyPaper

4 years ago#65
Got patient enough to go across map to flank enemies instead of shootouts in the same locations and angles
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User Info: Moody_Droid

4 years ago#66
XxOblivion77 posted...
From: _ANG3LIC_ | #050
Got a team, and played against other established players.

MM can only do so much considering good players don't bother with it

Nice idea. Also hi Rob how ya doin? Last time I checked you were on the way to going huge.

getting wrecked at tournaments is going huge?
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User Info: BlueRunway05

4 years ago#67
Camp more.
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User Info: _ANG3LIC_

4 years ago#68
I don't get wrecked at tournaments...

I've been doing well guy
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User Info: Relient_D

4 years ago#69
shinigamiefa posted...
Here a some things I tend to do and had helped me be more productive in my team:

- If you get killed, unless you lost some important weapon(s) that you think you can salvage don't rush into battle again.

- Is important to me to have patience and being calm because it helps to steady my aim.

- Positioning and observing how the battle flows helps you understand which route is taken by both teams and where are the locations that the big engages mostly occur.

- If you are sniping, change locations after a few kills.

- If your team has the advantage and momentum stay relatively close to them.

- I don't camp but the element of surprise is efficient, sometimes being rambo doesn't cut it.

- Don't get desperate if you are not getting much kills, getting lots assists also wins games.

- Know how many shots or time it takes to kill an opponent from a distance or a melee combo (a few shots followed up by a melee).

- Get a feel on all weapons so you can get used to their rate of fire. This helps me understand how to strafe better in duels. Combine this with the sensitivity level you feel more comfortable with to have better aim.

Hope this helps, good luck.

I agree with all this.

User Info: xXStNerevarXx

4 years ago#70
Squats and bulking made my pants too tight.
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