Spartan Ops replay schedule?

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User Info: endoflist

4 years ago#1
Is there any source for seeing a matchmaking schedule for replaying Spartan Ops episodes?
I know you are able to play with friends anytime but not everybody you know is available anytime. I just started playing ops this past week and got hooked on it. Now I want to play through it all on Legendary, I think it's fun.

User Info: dark_shard

4 years ago#2
I, too, would like to see a return of matchmaking on older SO chapters. As for Legendary, matchmaking only allows you to play on Heroic I believe, so you'll have to find friends to play Legendary anyway. - Games and Beer
GT: darkshardx

User Info: jenbeckler

4 years ago#3
I think I played on legendary the other day when matchmaking. Not certain though.
GT: JenMeister07

User Info: PenguinLust

4 years ago#4
Matchmaking used to be Heroic only, but they bumped it up to Legendary a few months ago. The only time it drops to Heroic is if there is only 2 people playing -- a smart move, since Legendary with only 2 people can get a little frustrating at times, lol.
Gamertag: Penguin Lust

User Info: tubb311

4 years ago#5
currently playing episode 7
next week will be episode 8
the week after that will be episode 9
and then episode 10
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