Question about mantis stomp...

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User Info: esqueleto76

4 years ago#11
Im pretty sure ive been stomp killed whilst behind the mantis before
Xbox Live: holyfedaykin

User Info: mac08801

4 years ago#12
Not reviving, just giving the thread some CPR...

I've actually started paying attention, and I got 11 stomps in one game - was hilarious, and never realized how close some ppl would get if you let them...

Plus I got my first perfection along that...

User Info: SpikeTbear

4 years ago#13
The stomping is very inconsistent depending on the amount of lag. I have been stomp killed while behind and above the Mantis. It's easiest to get the achievement on Shatter since there are narrow pathways. Go in the rocky path next to your base, resist firing rockets, and stomp away while people rush at you. I got, like, 8 stomps in one game from idjits rushing me. Also, keep in mind that stomping vehicles will NOT count towards the achievement, as I found out the hard way.
"The most important thing is to never stop questioning." -Albert Einstein.
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User Info: dav3y1986

4 years ago#14
You can check stomp kills on Halo Waypoint (on the web, not the 360 app). Also, chill out y the teleporters for a few easy stomps. You should be able to get 3-7 kills per game doing this.
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