Is Halo 4 worth $40 or no?

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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#11
Scooby510 posted...
You__Know__Who posted...
It's worth $60 still. It's probably the best Halo to date, but it'll get hate because that's just how people are now. They hate on everything for the sake of doing it.

or people just don't agree with your terrible opinion.

or opinion just don't agree with your terrible people.
175 burgers for $175...this country is winning.

User Info: hellzyaaahhhhhh

4 years ago#12
RAGEface14 posted...

It's really not a good idea to pick up an older Halo (since the server population is so low on them), so if you really want a Halo game, H4 is the way to go. I got the game for 40 during a sale right before Christmas, and I still play it regularly, so yeah, it's probably worth 40. The pros and cons of the game are as follows:

-The maps (for the most part)
-Playlists (they've improved a lot)
-Commendation system
-The Forge mode
-Customization (armor, loadouts, etc.)
-Weapon variety


-Poorly integrated ordnance system
-Loadouts can be exploited for an advantage
-Ridiculous hit detection (the DMR never misses a shot)
-Infinity Slayer sucks
-No visible competitive skill rank
-Custom game options are limited

That's all I can think of. There's probably more cons that I've forgotten.

you can also put
-No visible competitive skill rank
as a pro as we wont have 100s of bots in multiplayer trying to ruin it for the real people
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