Competitive skill rank video from PAX 1-50 skill level

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User Info: That1Guyy

4 years ago#41
AnthonyBrock2 posted...
1. I didn't say that you couldn't have fair matches based on skill (that could be determined in other ways other than rank and remain on system without being seen), So tell me again how I was wrong, you don't need a number to tell you how good you are.

The only way to match players by skill is to rank them by skill. Of course your rank doesn't need to be visible for the ranking system to work, but, again, seeing the number makes the game more fun for us, and more fun > less fun.

2. How would it be lesser? Honestly you are either going to try your hardest or not and I did bring in CE because it tournaments just like 2,3,reach, and 4 so it's still valid.

Having the number allows you to chart your progress in a more concrete way.

3.Only a complete idiot would need a number/rank next to their name in a video game to feel good about themselves or to know they are good. People will go back to playlist if they honestly enjoy it whether they are good or not, hence why we can end up with bad matches/member...that was the case even when there was 1-50.

And for those of us who want a visible ranking system, we'll enjoy the playlist more when we can see how we are doing when we play. I'm not sure what you're trying to argue here, because you keep going on these tangents that have nothing to do with what I said. can have skill in a game you could even have a system for it,but the audacity that you NEED a rank or number next to your name is absolutely preposterous.

My very first post made it very clear that I don't think anything is "needed." No, we don't need a visible ranking system, but that was never the argument. There are a lot of things you don't need, but you want them anyways because it improves something. I fail to see how this is any different.

If they would actually fix the system you could still get matched up with people of equal skill without having numbers or ranks. If you idea of getting to a certain level or getting a certain number next to your name is so important, why not play something where it means more than skill like an RPG? That requires skill and you even get something for it.

Yes, I'll play an RPG. Because my argument this whole time was that I like looking at numbers, and that's the only reason I play games. Good thing you pointed that out, because my point is definitely invalidated now.
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