Why were these weapons scrapped from the game?

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User Info: SpikeTbear

4 years ago#21
The Needle Rifle was easy mode compared to the Carbine. You have to continually mash the Carbine's fire button to fire, and the shots are very weak. With the Needle Rifle, it headshot kills much faster, and even if you miss the head, the enemy will still explode from supercombine. Plus, you can just hold the shoot button to rapid fire your enemy to death, even if you're hitting them in the foot. Amazing! one of my favorites. I also miss the flamethrower and fire grenades.
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User Info: Prodozul

4 years ago#22
ODomm posted...
I completely forgot about the Plasma Launcher.... That thing was sick haha
Well, all other weapons were probably put out of service when they were outclassed by others. Needle Rifle outclassed by Carbine, Brute weapons wouldn't be here because there are no Brutes. Repeater outclassed by Plasma/Storm rifle, and SMG by AR.

Only thing that doesn't make sense is the Sentinel Beam, because there are still Sentinels in the campaign. Why these Sentinels don't drop their weapons is odd

Pretty sure the storm rifle is in the same tier as the assualt rifle

User Info: SuperMilk8868

4 years ago#23
I was waiting for this game to come down in price but now that there is no spiker is a blown deal.
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User Info: BurningWind

4 years ago#24
The only gun I miss from the older games is the grenade launcher.
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User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#25
i dont really miss any guns form other games. i never really used the nade launcher but it was fun in hog race.

im more sad about the gametypes that have been lost over the years....
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User Info: RAGEface14

4 years ago#26
No love for the Godpistol?
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User Info: AoENIAC

4 years ago#27
The concussion rifle is downright useless and is definitely not as strong as a brute shot.

The gravity hammer shows up in the campaign, spartan ops, and multiplayer, so why shouldn't any of the other Brute weapons other than 343 not wanting to waste time putting them in because they're pretty bad weapons nobody would actually want to use? But then, if the concussion rifle makes it in, why not the other bad weapons?

Also, the storm rifle is basically a middle ground between the plasma rifles and the plasma repeater. I wish it was a little stronger but it's a competitor with the assault rifle if you know what you're doing.

The SMG is almost the same as the suppressor on paper. Not saying anything about the actual execution.

I assume the needle rifle didn't make it because they correctly assumed everybody would just use the DMR anyway. The uniqueness of the gun still appeals to me though.

Basically, the more weapons you add, the longer the game takes and the more balancing you have to attempt, and subsequently fail at. If anything, the weapons should be even more condensed than they already are.
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User Info: Crazycatdude

4 years ago#28
It would make sense for the sentinel beam to be in H4, but at least for me the only real purpose it served was to kill Flood, which there are none of in H4. The 'nade launcher was dirty though, I miss that gun.
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User Info: FearOfTheLight

4 years ago#29
Damn, yeah I kind of forgot about Reach's Grenade Launcher....did wonder why they left that one out of the game as well.

Without it, the PP seems to be the only stun locker to vehicles.

Wish they actually found a way to implement the other brute weapons (Spiker and Mauler) into the Storm Covenant Faction's arsenal. They could exclude the ability to dual wield them and make them a bit more powerful.

It worked with the Needler.
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User Info: ThunderCavalier

4 years ago#30
FearOfTheLight posted...
Seeing as how the previous games introduced some nifty weapons:

-Needle Rifle
-Brute Plasma Rifle
-Plasma Repeater
-Brute Shot
-Sentinel Beam
-Spike Grenade
-Incendiary Grenade

I mean, that's a pretty big list of weapons that didn't make the cut when you think about it. On that note:

Pick out 3 from the list that you like to see implemented through an update.

In order:

Red Storm Rifle
Blue Storm Rifle
Human Concussion Rifle
I actually would like to see this again
Assault Rifles exist
Crappy radius
Did anyone even use this?

Now, to the things i want to see implemented through an update:

Sentinel Beam
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