I almost think Halo 4 is a test game.

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  3. I almost think Halo 4 is a test game.

User Info: Suicide_Jester

4 years ago#21
As a new company 343 is definitely still making mistakes and learning. But I agree it feels like theyve got their focus elsewhere (halo 5).
Never let your fear decide your fate.

User Info: banklikefrankWt

4 years ago#22
Didn't you do this same stupid crap with Reach? Then Halo 3 when Reach came out? Then Halo 2 when Halo 3 came out?
What a boring life you must have. Either that or you're 12

User Info: banklikefrankWt

4 years ago#23
SterlingFox posted...
enterthemadrox posted...
But why should it be a "test game" just because a minority of the players actively playing Halo 4 don't like anything 343 have done with it?

If this is a test game then every Halo game that Bungie made must've been a test game since I honestly think 4 is the best and actually enjoyable/playable. I mean, I'm only one man and sharing one opinion so it must be factually correct, right?

The Majority of players, actually.

"The minority of active players" is you intentionally making the amount smaller than it is. The reality is that the majority of players played the game, saw the changes, disliked them and eventually quit. Hence the low online population.

I don't know why you're so offended by my post, enough to be sarcastic about how you wrongly think I'm stating anything here is fact.

I don't think anyone is offended, they just think you're an annoying little troll with nothing better to do in between Halo 4 matches.

User Info: DvoloS88

4 years ago#24
Drag_ZERO posted...
xMePhYx posted...
Halo was popular based on Mulitplayer. thats why this game is peaking at 33k 6 months from release.

Halo 2 averaged 40k throughout the entire last year of its existence before Halo 3 landed.

You can't compare that, I'm sorry. When comparing which Halo had better multi and pull up those player numbers, nobody factors in the Call of Duty effect. Like it or not, Halo 2, and even 3 to an extent, didn't have to compete with the juggernaut that is CoD. In this post-MW2 world, CoD has such a huge share of the playerbase on console now you can't expect Halo numbers to be the same as they once were when it was king.

THIS^^ I religiously played halo 2 and 3, there just were not many AAA popular titles then to compete in the online action. Even though I cant stand blops 2 I occasionally play it taking me away from halo4...
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  3. I almost think Halo 4 is a test game.

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