Which halo did oyu have the most fun with online multiplayer?

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User Info: Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX

4 years ago#1
Which halo did you have the most fun with online multiplayer? - Results (225 votes)
Halo 1 PC
2.22% (5 votes)
Halo 2
36% (81 votes)
Halo 2 PC
0% (0 votes)
Halo 3
37.78% (85 votes)
Halo 3 ODST
0.44% (1 votes)
Halo Reach
12.44% (28 votes)
Halo 4
11.11% (25 votes)
This poll is now closed.
For me it's between halo 2 or 3 but halo 2 on the original xbox takes it online multiplayer was new to me it was my first online game period and back then on the original xbox it was awhole lot more fun playing with random's online since ppl were more chilled out back then since it was still newish for consoles and ppl used there mics so it was fun having conversations while playing. How about you guys?
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User Info: Sephiroth9704

4 years ago#2
im excited for these results i bet its gonna be halo 2 but thats just a wild guess...asked my magic 8 ball..hope hes right and if he is ill play lotto and if i win that i'll probably quit my job and just live on an island...idk if i'd want servants though because then id feel like a slaver and im not really into slaves..i think freedom should be across the board so hopefully gay marriage gets passed soon because it's crazy that we live in a day where people are still discriminated against by i guess thats how the cookie crumbles LMAO

User Info: Draken789

4 years ago#3
Halo 3, because that's when my friends and I had a lot more time and freedom to go balls out with the game since we were in high school. Kind of like that for Reach as well, but waaaay more with 3.

User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#4
Halo 4.
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User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#5
For me, Halo 3 was the most fun. I got Xbox Live in 2007, so I didn't play much Halo 2 online. I have so many good memories playing Halo 3, whether it be playing ranked and trying to rank up, playing Customs with friends, or Forging, Halo 3 was awesome.
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User Info: Foozar

4 years ago#6
I would definitely say Halo 2. It was enough like Halo: CE (LANs were my favorite Halo experience of all-time), It was different enough to be a new experience. It was back when XBLive was still new and exciting. Halo 3 was probably a higher quality experience, but nothing is going to top Halo 2 for pure fun.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#7
Halo 2 for me.

Lol...Halo 2 PC...whatta joke
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User Info: Saikred

4 years ago#8
Halo 3 hands down.

I didn't play a large amount of Halo 1 or 2 multiplayer, but in 3, I dedicated some time to it and became a fairly good player (towards the end I was starting to become really good with the sniper)

I've enjoyed Reach and 4 about the same, certain things from Reach I miss but I think 4 is good overall.
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User Info: SterlingFox

4 years ago#9
ODST didn't have online multiplayer.
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User Info: Draken789

4 years ago#10
Campaign and Firefight count.
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