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User Info: MightyDiesch

4 years ago#1
I don't see the point in getting a custom controller like for example the one from MadCatz.

People who use it say that their main reason to buy it, is because of a faster reaction time. Therefore they have to lower their sensitivity ingame to 2 because it is going so fast.

My question: Why spend money on a custom controller if you can play on a default one and simply play on a higher sensitivity like 6-8?
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User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#2
i want the extra triggers on the back of the controller so i can jetpack and still aim when i use the BJ settings. its also helpful for madden by having some of the reciever buttons easier to press without having to make my qb get sacked.

i only bought it because i got my tax return and had extra money
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User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#3
I bought a mad catz MLG Pro controller because I play a ton of games, and my thumbsticks get worn out, and tend to slowly move in certain directions at all times. It's a pain in the ass, especially with FPS's. The Mad Catz Controller, for those that don't know, have easily replaceable parts that you can swap out if something like that happens. On top of that, it claims to alleviate the issue of slow turning, which is where the controller has a manufacturing defect on the face plate that causes you to not move at 100% speed in every direction. Again, this is a problem especially noticeable in FPSs.

The whole reaction time thing was not much of a reason for me to get one, as I think it wouldn't be noticeable to me. Fixing slow turn, and having nice crisp buttons is something I would notice though. That being said...... I had to return my mad catz controller within 8 days of buying it, because it was an enormous piece of crap that was broken out of the box. Others are probably fine, but my was not, so I returned it.

Right now I'm using the money I spent on that controller, to paint my own no slow controller (just need to shave off 1-2mm in diameter of the thumb stick holes to fix that problem). I'll just replace parts if I need to, but I'll be happy once this paint dries completely, and I'll have a controller with crisp buttons, no slow turn issues, possibly "faster response time", and most importantly, it'll be purdy!

User Info: McNabFish

4 years ago#4
Razer Sabertooth user.

Former Onza user.

They are incredible for Halo, notably infection (Flood on Halo4) It's just not fair for the other people sometimes, you have such an advantage.
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