ITT i list the good things about this game halo 4

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User Info: Sephiroth9704

4 years ago#1
-Fixing the controller schemes.
Button inputs can now be designated by the user as well as options for presets. The E3 build and what they showed at comic-c0n showed how the controller presets are annoying to those who played it.

Finding skulls will be as challenging as finding them in Halo 3
ie) Jumping through hoops in a certain order for a skull to appear.
That way the Halo 4 community will be on it.

-Final multiplayer escape on campaign
Halo 3 was amazing for the act of desperation, especially on multiplayer.
Everyone on warthogs, or ghosts and just escaping the Halo Ring as the ground beneath your vehicles fall apart. Such a memorable moment.

-The return of Vidmaster achievements.
Those truly felt like achievements. We need more things like that. Something challenging and worthy of. No grinding, just challenging.

-Realistic multiplayer achievements.
Nothing sucks more than people boosting for achievements. Getting four controllers, going into a party with multiple people and boosting. Most multiplayer achievements require luck to get the certain playlist, map, etc. Just have good fulfilling multiplayer achievements that aren't based on boosting or luck to acquire. More skill based but not to difficult, leave that to the vidmaster.

-Better multiplayer ranking.
The Cr system was broken in reach, Halo 3 got it perfect. Just polish Halo 3's system.

-Satisfying ending
Hopefully they create a satisfying ending, something like Dark Knight, no cliff hangers like they did with Halo 2. The have fans wait how many years to find out what happens. People hate the wait. A strong ending that fulfils Halo 4's own story should be good.

User Info: Willmatic

4 years ago#2
I agree 8/10 cool topic!
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