Spartan Ops or Fire Fight?

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User Info: xiTz_RyaNx

4 years ago#1
Spartan Ops Vs. Fire fight - Results (115 votes)
Spartan Ops
30.43% (35 votes)
Fire Fight
69.57% (80 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Both have given me hours of enjoyment, and hoping that Spartan Ops gets a new season, or maybe even a few, I'd rate it higher than Fire Fight.
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User Info: BurningWind

4 years ago#2
Firefight, especially if we're talking ODST Firefight. Spartan Ops is fun for a single run, but isn't very replayable to me.
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User Info: Azeiryous

4 years ago#3
ODST FireFight

User Info: lnknprk_45

4 years ago#4
I never did get into Firefight because it would also have that horrible input lag.

User Info: SterlingFox

4 years ago#5
Firefight has more teamwork and isn't ruined by other people knowing the mission. And the firefight voices made it a lot more fun.

My experience with Spartan Ops is that if you don't get into ALL of the missions the day they release (and sometimes even if you do) then the majority of your team will just rush the objectives and kill whatever story progression or level pacing there is. And they're always the same scripted experience, so replaying them to catch up on that story and pacing isn't fun.
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User Info: Frost_LASER

4 years ago#6
I liked firefight better because you could screw with your friends as they cry when near invincible hunters bash them to death, while you slip around behind them cloaked as an Elite to assassinate them.

User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#7
Firefight for replayability and Spartan Ops for story and immersiveness.
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User Info: Brakkis

4 years ago#8
I would choose Spartan Ops IF the option to choose any of the chapters for multiplayer was available instead of just the Episode of the Week. The first time through for the story and immersion. After that I find the pacing and goals more enjoyable then just wave after wave of mobs with no objective.

But because Firefight doesn't limit you like Spartan Ops does, I'm going with a tie.
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User Info: Jeh64

4 years ago#9
Odst firefight

User Info: Prodozul

4 years ago#10
Never played ODST what's so special?
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