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People that are good at FFA, show yourself!

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User Info: sulli15

4 years ago#1
and tell me your ways. I was gonna get a fifty in Rumble Pit because I figured it would be quick/easy with how the leveling up works for that playlist. Little did I know it would just remind me that I am not good at all.

I mean I know there is the obvious stuff like try to steal kills and don't shoot people you know you won't finish and the basic strategy, but I feel like I'm missing more.

Or maybe I'm just much worse at this game than I thought haha.

User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#2
#1 Deriver on H4GB
GT: i derive dx

User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#3
I don't consider myself "good at FFA" or whatever your standards are for that, but staying away from the middle of the map is a no brainer, unless you have a power weapon timed and are anticipating it.
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User Info: HaloODSTD

4 years ago#4
learn where people are most likely going to converge, don't go there, but steal kill there.
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User Info: bd0g5

4 years ago#5
From: lderivedx | #002

User Info: sulli15

4 years ago#6
*awaits scooby*

Thank you for the quick replies though, people. I know it's dumb to think there is some magical tip I'm missing, but I just feel like I'm FFA handicapped. I got dead last the other day with like 10 kills. So bad.

I got to the mid 40's with ease, but now it seems I'm playing people that ACTUALLY know how to play FFA and it's showing that I don't.

User Info: RAGEface14

4 years ago#7
I got a sicknasty over in Rumble Pro the other day, but I wouldn't say I'm good.
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User Info: __bale

4 years ago#8
im pretty good at FFA i think, i would say the number one thing is dont get anxious, i feel like people scramble in FFA too much. what i mean is that you'll be rushing around the map, sprinting, diving into every battle and trying to get kills as fast as possible. when i play, i always try to get a feel for how the game is going (typically, haven centers around mohawk/mid, but sometimes bottom mid, and typically simplex favors purple) and i try to get in a position that allows me to take advantage of what other people are doing, but not while charging in over and over necessarily. so if its simplex, i typically try to control a base/purple side. so ill hang out around red purple/top purple/top red a lot (or blue) and from there i can watch people spawn in front of me red/blue purple ALL the time for easy kills, plus i can jump in and out of battles in purple and in the base as necessary. like on simplex, theres pretty much four spawns. red/blue purple, red/blue yellow. so you can get really get going in a cycle of killing someone at purple from red, then going top purple and killing someone spawning at blue, then going back to purple to kill someone at red, over and over.

another thing with FFA is, dont be afraid to die. staying alive is important in some situations, but in others it might just be better to die. if someone sees me bottom open on haven and im down two shots, im probably going to challenge because the odds of me getting away just arent very good (its too open bottom mid to have a good chance of surviving). whereas if im on blue street and i see someone charging me from mohawk and im down two shots, i might try to run down the ramp and see if i can pick people off who are fighting bottom middle (if the game had been focused on bottom middle from the beginning this might be a really good option). but anyway, if i do challege and die, its no big deal because ill be spawning in 5 seconds with full shields where if i had stayed alive i may have stayed alive for 5 seconds but not gotten a kill and in the end i will have just wasted time. FFA is the only playlist where i pretty much challenege every thing. but its all very situational.

i could probably be more specific on things if this seems helpful at all. anyway, theres a lot of strategy (and a lot of luck) in FFA so my overall advice (like everything halo) is just to play more. youll get better.
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User Info: Finaliize

4 years ago#9
Scooby is an FFA nerd lol

User Info: sulli15

4 years ago#10
Thank you for that detailed response, Bale. I am EXTRA bad at Haven FFA, I never know what I want to do on that map, honestly don't think I've ever placed first on Haven against decent people.

I get what you're saying about not being too anxious, but I feel like you can't play too passive, either. Maybe I just haven't tried it long enough in a match to see it play out well, but the times I've tried to be patient haven't gone well. I've tried to kind of hang around areas like you were describing on Simplex, but it seems people are killing too fast where I can't rack up enough kills that way to stay in the lead/catch the leader.
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