Did I miss the point of the Specializations code?

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  3. Did I miss the point of the Specializations code?

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
4 years ago#1
I used it and it said I downloaded priority to about 6 specializations, but I have none to select in the game other than the default Spartan one. Are these meant to be unlocked or did I miss something?
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User Info: L337_Muffen

4 years ago#2
You might need to redownload them
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User Info: COG_Killa

4 years ago#3
you still need to unlock all of them. If you got to your first spec after they "released" all of them, then the code was pretty damn pointless.
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User Info: solidlink247

4 years ago#4
Your Spartan must first reach SR50.
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User Info: odellcubed

4 years ago#5
back at launch non code users could only select 2 specs but with the code you had all of them. Then they slowly unlocked more specs for the normal users over time. now theyre all unlocked so it is pointless.
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  3. Did I miss the point of the Specializations code?

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