The Halo Bulletin: 4/17/13 (potential sandbox changes)

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User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#1
here is a link to the bulletin itself....

And here are the parts that you should be reading.....

Current State of Weapon Tuning

Battle Rifle
Right now, we feel that the mid-range role of this weapon is undermined by the strength of the DMR. To combat this, we are looking at decreasing the kill time for the Battle Rifle through various tweaks. This means testing a “4-shot BR” (currently, the Battle Rifle takes 5 bursts to kill) with a reduced rate of fire, though these changes are not final.

At this time, we have adjusted the range at which the reticle turns red to match the DMR.

The Carbine has been adjusted to take one less shot to kill, bringing it to a 7-shot kill. This change was applied because we felt that players who used this weapon and took the time to become skilled with it were not rewarded due to the weapon’s kill time.

Automatic Weapons
These changes have increased the kill times of some of these weapons, which will provide a faster overall Halo 4 competitive War Games experience. The above tweaks have also led to the need to adjust the automatic weapons, which would likely be beaten at even the closest of ranges if tuning ended with the above changes. As a result, the Assault Rifle, Suppressor and Storm Rifle have all received a slight damage buff along with an auto-aim decrease that requires players to be more accurate than they would have previously. This means that while these automatics will be slightly more deadly at close range, they will require that players are more accurate.

Lastly, as we’ve mentioned in the past, we understand the need for viable and effective vehicles in Halo multiplayer, and as a result, we’re looking at bumping up the damage on both the Warthog and the Mantis chain gun. This is not the extent of our tuning, and we are actively investigating tweaks to additional weapons, such as an aim-assist decrease on the Beam Rifle.

If you’d like to leave your thoughts and opinions about this update, head to the ‘Discuss’ link at the bottom of this page, or join the discussion over in the Weapons Feedback thread in the War Games Feedback section. We’ll continue to monitor the forums as we test and tweak these changes, and once they go live, we’ll be looking for and reacting to feedback to ensure that the weapon tune provides optimal experiences across all of Halo 4’s game modes and playlists.

So after reading over the POTENTIAL changes, what do you guys think? I personally think this all sounds pretty damn sweet, and look forward to it making it into the game!

User Info: elitewarrior500

4 years ago#2
hmm BR should also have less spread cause at the current moment the spread is too random but yay at beam rifle auto aim decrease.

User Info: RAGEface14

4 years ago#3
I'm glad to hear the potential balances of the semi-auto rifles, but I don't think buffing the automatics is a good idea.
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User Info: L337_Muffen

4 years ago#4
Sounds gewd.
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User Info: capnchuck

4 years ago#5
too little too late, but it is nice to know that they are trying to fix their horribly broken and unfun game.

User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#6
I'm all for a 4sk BR, and the buffs to the LR and Carbine are welcome as well. Not sure I agree with buffing the automatics though, the AR is already a beast as it is, but hopefully the aim assist nerf will be enough to combat the buff in power.
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User Info: ALostGrenade

4 years ago#7
Interesting.. Not too sure about the AR buff.


User Info: TMoney650

4 years ago#8
This sounds awesome. I might actually use the AR as my secondary if it gets a buff.
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User Info: jesse_skater

4 years ago#9
4shot hitscan br?

ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh
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User Info: elitewarrior500

4 years ago#10
From: jesse_skater | #009
4shot hitscan br?

ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh

i fail to see the issue cause H2 had that
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