Do you think Halo 5 will bounce back, or is the end nigh?

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  3. Do you think Halo 5 will bounce back, or is the end nigh?

User Info: Help_One

4 years ago#1
Lets face it, even if you think this game is good, you didn't expect the population to fall off this fast.

I'm kind of expecting Halo 5 to be a massive flop.
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User Info: __bale

4 years ago#2
wow bold prediction dude
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User Info: SThiefN

4 years ago#3
I think Halo might be out of its prime.
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User Info: ALostGrenade

4 years ago#4
I think Halo 5 will be great, I can't wait to see what Halo can do on a blu-ray disc.
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User Info: blackninja4ever

4 years ago#5
As long as it doesn't get released until summer or later next year and they actually have a good campaign this time with theatre mode for it I'll be getting it for sure.

Halo 4 has had a terribly slow start but they finally are balancing the weapons, added Csr albielt only on way point(hopefully h5 will have it ingame from the start) and they've got bravo who made and fixed a bunch of good playlists for us. H4 is finally looking up but its too little too late I think. But ya if halo 5 has all the stuff halo 4 has right now with the addition of in game Csr and a better campaign it'll be a must buy for me. Unless it comes out later this year than I'll just feel like they rushed it and didn't give two craps about halo 4 I'll be infuriated and won't buy it.
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User Info: ALostGrenade

4 years ago#6
In bravo we trust
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4 years ago#7
I cannot wait for next gen Forge.
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User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#8
I think that given the next gen hardware and all the feedback from this game, 343 could really make something great.
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User Info: DoNotPassGoPSMO

4 years ago#9
They need to take halo back its its better roots, and stop "trying" to keep up with CoD by making the game CoD.

The downfall of Halo wasn't the franchise, it was the developers trying to make the game appeal to everyone*, thus changing mechanics. The developers think Halo will suffer if they don't keep up like CoD, but the truth is actually not that. Look at Battlefield. The skill gap in that game is large (like halo used to be), and it's still a very strong and highly bought game.

The problem for the future is that, now that they have added so much, trying to take it away would upset too many people who would simply refuse to play it. I personally think adding the armor abilities in Reach was the nosedive, and mapping a sprint button in 4 along with "loadouts" (*cough*customclasses) was the final nail.

Halo use to be a game about risk/reward. You pushed power weapons, and fought for map control. There was actually strategy besides spawn push die. If you tried to push and messed up, you died. Unless you were better than your opponent, you were punished for mistakes. There was no "OMGZ I'm not going to win nao, hold x run awayz!!!!!1" or any of that.

Also, though this may seem not like a huge deal at all, I also think the introduction of the Jetpack was horrible. Position and "level" control was a HUGE component in halo matches. You controled the top areas, and gained the benefits of map control. Imagine playing Lockout if poeple could boost from bottom green to BR1/2, or library to BR3. Map "flow" was killed with this, and it broke any structure for map development and movement.


I think that the changes* the developers are making are the cause for dislike in these newer games. I also feel that, because the community was babied, any chance of these being taken away would cause too many problems to be a possibility. The game needs change back to its root, but it may have dug it's own hole too deep to get out of.
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User Info: That1Guyy

4 years ago#10
Armor abilities are theoretically a great addition to Halo. The problem is we get a bunch of dumb ones like Xray vision and armor lock, and you can spawn willy nilly with them. If jetpack and thruster were map pick ups, they'd be perfectly fine for competitive play.

Sprint needs to go, though.
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  3. Do you think Halo 5 will bounce back, or is the end nigh?

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