Do you use the grunt birthday skull?

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User Info: Dark_Jinouga

4 years ago#1
I do, it doesnt really fit, and makes me even more sad for the grunts that their death makes some small kids happy. but it conserves ammo knowing I got the headshot, which helps as this is the first time Im playing a halo campain on legendary (4/8 done9

User Info: Spoke_Wrecker

4 years ago#2
Every game that allows it.
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User Info: BeastlyIguana

4 years ago#3
No. My friends always tell me to put it on and I hate it. Pulls me out of the experience.
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User Info: HaloODSTD

4 years ago#4
very useful in Legendary as an indicator that you killed a grunt, heard it so many times it doesn't even register anything annoying or funny to me...
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  3. Do you use the grunt birthday skull?

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