y'all take this game super serial.

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User Info: bd0g5

4 years ago#11
From: DvoloS88 | #010
Once again defining the word TROLL nuggets, bdog and derived please STFU!

Once again, you're upset over the internet and therefore are using words like STFU.

User Info: ALostGrenade

4 years ago#12
"People die when they are killed."
GT: A Lost Grenade
(message deleted)

User Info: Brakkis

4 years ago#14
lderivedx posted...
From: Brakkis | #006
Posting his story doesn't imply caring

And caring does not imply being mad or upset.

Caring implies being affected by it such that it effects some unnecessary action, such as emotion or a story to a bunch of random people.

Except that in the context he is using the word, caring would imply being angry or upset at the people sending him messages, which him posting on here does not imply.

It's all about the context.

Quoted the wrong person the first time, because I'm bad.

User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#15
So you quoted from the wrong person, deleted that post and tried again, only to edit your second post anyway?

If you still have any problems with my post I highly recommend you get over it. - Navex
GT: i derive dx

User Info: ShingoEX

4 years ago#16
I just refuse to reply, instead, I avoid the player and send negative feedback.
"Ah...Natalie Portman...I bet even her farts smell like roses"

User Info: Kai101x

4 years ago#17
Brakkis posted...
Posting his story doesn't imply caring little ones, it implies his desire to share. He was amused at the foolishness of the other players of the game and felt he should share his amusement with the rest of us in an attempt to amuse us as well.

"He posted! He must be mad yo!" - Children these days...

You're using common sense. These guys dont know what that is, so you're basically going to end up going creating pages of them stroking the epeen if you feed them with sense.

@ TC: Lol if you think it's bad on halo, play black ops 2, mortal kombat and battlefield 3 online. Man...the amount of hate mail you will get. It's especially funny on xbox live because they can send you voice mail instead of words. I have mortal kombat on PS3 and after watching this video:


I regret not getting it on xbox 360.

User Info: hellzyaaahhhhhh

4 years ago#18
That1Guyy posted...
Every online game on Xbox has people sending hate mail. It isn't unique to Halo.

this is true abnormal amount of hate xbox users have
not all but alot of them tend to hate on this and that could be how you play...

could be how you have some bad luck 1 game or another

could be that you also like ps3 games (or own a ps3)

one reasons i like muting people with mic's and dont use them

tho there is alot people that are nice on xbox
and then theres also a large amount that decide while playing that they ether like you or hate you

i tend to hate thos who steal my assainations and dont help when im getting assainated until im dead then they happen to turn and almost instantly kill the person who killed me....

stop it before it happens and don kill steal

User Info: Brakkis

4 years ago#19
lderivedx posted...
So you quoted from the wrong person, deleted that post and tried again, only to edit your second post anyway?


It's easier to edit in a couple words then it is to click the quote, copy, go back, click the message detail, click edit, and paste.

Or to just copy the intended the post, click the message detail, click edit, paste, and hope I remember the posters name in the cite tags.

Fewer steps. You really aren't getting this are you?
By the edge of those wilds, warriors have charged. But now the years have passed, the generals have left and the grass grows in the armors hollow on the hill.

User Info: appleturnover87

4 years ago#20
What's love got to do, got to do with it?
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