Need campaign partner!

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User Info: Nasuke1

4 years ago#1
I haven't played through the campaign but I need a partner. Legendary or Heroic, it makes no difference to me. Gamertag is Sesshomaru697

User Info: jwoodruff18

4 years ago#2
Im up for legendary. gt= xix serpic0 xix

User Info: Faliz18

4 years ago#3
Soloed every mission on legendary after Forerunner, the only REALLY hard one was Reclaimer because the mounted rocket launcher on the mammoth always gets blown up and a bunch of ghost and wraiths swarm you.
Awaiting: Mario Wii U, Zelda Wii U, Elder Scrolls 6, Halo 5, Destiny, Arkham Origins, and Retro's project.

User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#4
The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist...
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