came here to cry about halo's downfall

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User Info: ThunderCavalier

4 years ago#21
COG_Killa posted...
mastercheeze313 posted...
That1Guyy posted...
DvoloS88 posted...
I ask you WHO GIVES A F***.?

Uh, how about all of us that find this game to be the most boring incarnation of Halo... ever?

I didn't realize giving Master Chief a personality made him boring.

Unless the topic title or OP says so, nothing on this board is ever about the campaign.

OK, quickly Let me sum up the Campaign:

The absolute worst retconing ever, destroying the best possible chance for Master Chief to develop a personality with one of his (face it) closest companions in the entire series, shoehorning the Covenant in for no goddamn reason, and destroying the entire mythos of the once grand and enigmatic Forerunner race.

And yes, I do know the entire history behind the Didact and the Storm Covenant. To that, I say "The Didact seemed pretty damn fine in the Halo 3 terminals, and the Storm Covenant STILL DO NOT MAKE ANY GODDAMN SENSE."
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