CSR on player card?

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User Info: epicmedic

4 years ago#1
Why don't they add CSR to the player card?

User Info: SpikeTheSpaceCo

4 years ago#2
It has to do with the "hooks" they put in the game when developing. They didn't make the UI editable it seems.
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User Info: briman112

4 years ago#3
Not making the UI editable is... silly... I remember when Halo 3 underwent an overhaul and changed a lot of the ranking. But oh well. Maybe next time.
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I made it in 7th grade, it's not going to change.

User Info: henson802

4 years ago#4
This is pretty disappointing.

Part of the fun is to see who you are matched up against, csr vs rank, and if my csr is low and I kill a csr that is high, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and joy as lame as it sounds.
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