Bungie needs to buy Halo back.

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User Info: pcmike2

4 years ago#51
Reach had good campaign gameplay, customizable firefight, amazing custom games and forge, and a controversial matchmaking. I liked it all, but some people may say no. The anniversary map packs were the best thought, and tu ctf on breackneck was awesome like in halo 2.

But I feel destiny will knock halo out of the arena for sci-fi immersion. Though, to be fair, writing hasn't been Bungie's strong-suits.

Who can forget the horrible line from halo 3? :

"Ma-am? Alpha aquad is requesting a rendezvous point. Where should we send them?"

*keyes breaks out magnum giving the marine a half look over the shoulder saying in a deadly tone "To war"

I was expecting the guy to pause and respond "...no really, where?"
SSBB FC:0946-1920-8546

User Info: BuyersRemorse55

4 years ago#52
I dont think bungie has a good track record at all. Before halo they were nothing. Halo 2 was partially disappointing campaign wise. But had the best multi. Halo 3 was disappointing all around.

Reach, well had a better campaign then 3 but screwed up multi according to many people.

Destinaly will probably be all shiny and pretty as can be, but its be hampered by some boring ass 15 year old gameplay prolly.

User Info: Killean_Nuggets

4 years ago#53
Destiny will be ****
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