"Just wait until Halo 5" My thoughts on the future of the Halo franchise

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User Info: Johnny_Jon_117

4 years ago#11
pcmike2 posted...
I think Halo is losing it's shine. I enjoyed Reach, but it seems that a lot of people didn't like the direction it went, and with Halo 4, it looks like armor abilities are here to stay.

Now that's not a bad thing, people have been wanting sprint in the game since Halo 2, but to me it says that 343 isn't willing to go back to how halo was in the previous games, such as no personal loadouts, no random power weapons on the maps that you work together for map control, no focus on team effort to win.

I feel the major selling point of this game was the return of the master chief, but after that, people left in great numbers faster than any other previous halo game. The removal of things sure helped like no assault, fewer custom game options, and fewer playlists, but what I think drove most people away was the formula of COD-esque like halo. Previous halo games felt like "here, you're set on equal footing, go work with your team to get power weapons/vehicles to win"

Now it's like "here, make your own loadout, go out and see what happens". I feel 343 won't drop that formula, that they'll continue to build upon it and try to improve it rather than going back to the previous formula. And who knows? It might work, but if they do, it means that Halo won't be the same as it ever used to be, and I feel that would be trying to sell an entirely new game that isn't like the Halo we've known over the past 10+ years.

So I think people like Angry Joe are right, that Halo is getting stale and people will probably move to new things. Like Destiny, that looks promising as it may be a big and exciting new universe, Joe was excited about it, and wasn't too eager to review halo 4.

Story-wise, I like the Halo universe, but I'm still waiting on spartan ops season 2. I'm talking about the multiplayer.

Very good post pcmike but I must argrue that halo 4 really isn't as bad as people say it is. 343i did not wanted to make the game like Bungie's halo or else they would have been in their shadow. Plus with the way our community is people probably would still complain if the game played like the older halos.
Every game is overrated because the Internet hates everything and wants anything that's going up to go down. Like a true villain.
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