Can a kind soul with a few spare minutes please explain something to me?

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  3. Can a kind soul with a few spare minutes please explain something to me?

User Info: blueyc22

4 years ago#11
TMoney650 posted...
In an attempt to sell the game to casual players, 343 integrated lots of ”Call of Duty” concepts into Halo 4, such as sprint, loadouts, unlockable features, instant respawns, weapon drops and perks. These additions made Halo 4 the best-selling Halo game yet, as well as the much-hyped return of Master Chief.

However, when Black Ops 2 came out a week later, all the casual players who bought Halo for its new features dropped Halo and went to go play the real Call of Duty instead.

Furthermore, these changes decreased the game's skill gap, as weapon drops and new armor abilities introduced more randomness to the game, which is bad for competitive play. As a result, hardcore Halo players stopped playing as well.

So now we are left with a game that is far less populated than the other Halo games were at this point in their lifespan. You can still find games without much trouble, and the game is easy for new players to pick up. The campaign is brief but pretty good, and the new Spartan Ops mode is a fun mission-based revamp of Firefight. That said, multiplayer can get pretty repetitive, as you'll soon realize the DMR is the only primary worth using. Still, this is one of the better FPS games out there and it's fun with friends, so I'd give it a look.

I am not really trying to respond to this post per say, just add my own thoughts to it.

They did go all CoD with the multiplayer for Halo 4 for sure. But oddly, I don't find it easier or targeted at more casual gamers with loadouts and what not. That seems to be targeted more at hardcore multiplayer players and by that I a mean...people who play multiplayer non stop and multiplayer is a bigger part of why they buy games than the single player game is and who play hundreds of hours and see a benefit of that kind of customization.

I am not hardcore multiplayer type of player. I enjoy it, but don't have the hundreds of hours to dedicate to leveling up and getting perks. Which is why I never got into CoD. So the CoD changes just make me feel like the hardcore people just have more ways to own me.

Now I feel like i am spending more time pursuing what I can buy to upgrade my character than I am playing the darn game. Its just a distraction. I have a lot of unspent points because I don't want to bother with it.

User Info: Johnny_Jon_117

4 years ago#12
thedeerzord posted...
Halo 4 sucks. Simple as that.

Every game is overrated because the Internet hates everything and wants anything that's going up to go down. Like a true villain.
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  3. Can a kind soul with a few spare minutes please explain something to me?

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