What do you think the future has in store for Halo?

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User Info: COG_Killa

4 years ago#11
destiny isn't similar to halo at all, it's supposed to be some kind of mmo. i hear there is a competitive mode though, so we'll have to see
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User Info: VauntX

4 years ago#12
I actually feel kind of bad for the guy...

I want to see some kind of Halo 2 remake, because hell yes I do.

As for the series itself, I see it going one of two ways. Either it emulates the CoD ranking experience, and goes with an over-the-top in your face in game performance based progression system with ludicrous amounts of unlockables. Or, it makes a return to what made Halo 3 great and reverts to a ranking - social split with an emphasis on arena style shooting. I expect the former, but hope for the latter.

By the way, what the hell happened to Double XP weekends? They were absolute gold for keeping the community interested in the game and it blows my mind that they've just vanished from the face of the series.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#13
I feel like Halo has a bright future. Yes, people, go ahead and call me overly optimistic...but it's true. Halo 4 was much better than vanilla Reach. Imagine what 343 will be able to do with an equally as endless budget, some experience with their f*** ups, and a brand new shiny console. BTB with 32 players...even prettier visuals...more stable online service.

We won't face all the problems that come with co op/online problems when having multiple people on consoles.

Not to mention they don't have to tell the origin story of the Promethians in the next campaign. Origin stories are, for the most part, usually one of the weaker installments in a series. Fighting the covenant got increasingly more entertaining as the original trilogy went on, imo. Hopefully we will see the same thing this time 'round.

Microsoft knows that exclusives will be a vital asset next gen, and they have admitted to screwing up exclusive-wise recently. They also know Halo is a megafranchise...I am sure that they will assure Halo 5 kicks all kinds of ass.

The super long console cycle this gen has been quite harmful to the industry, a lot of craziness will happen with the new hardware. It will be quite interesting to watch.
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User Info: bd0g5

4 years ago#14
It depends how good h5 will be on launch. Even more people will give up on halo if they **** it up again.

User Info: baconluver

4 years ago#15
lderivedx posted...
Well the last topic closed, so I thought I'd continue the discussion.

I feel like 343 will make solid, but not great games (much like Reach and 4), for H5 and 6. It'll be interesting to see how things change from now until 6 comes out (4-6 years from now). I think the new xbox will be a very good thing as Reach and 4 have suffered as a result of the 360s now outdated hardware.

I doubt Halo will reclaim its throne (or even claim 2nd under CoD, because let's be realistic here), and it'll probably die out as a competitive game, replaced by CoD, which has actually taken some great steps to improve its quality as a competitive game.

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User Info: I_Got_Rhythm

4 years ago#16
I honestly think that Halo still has a chance, Halo 5 just needs to be f****** perfect...

Really just comes down to the correct modernization of it while simultaneously revisiting the series' roots.

So yeah, it's not looking too great.
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User Info: thefinalgent

4 years ago#17
I liked halo because it had a very simple system from the very beginning. It was also one of the first console shooters I actually got interested in(as I believe most others as well). However, I feel that the simplicity of it faded with Reach and even more so with Halo 4. I still liked Reach, even though I missed the battle rifle and 1-50 skill levels, but you could tell it just wasn't the same. Yes, nostalgia can hinder my vision for future Halos, however I cant deny that the core mechanics pre-Reach played a major role for my very high interest in Halo. I just hope Halo goes back to it's roots but that probably wont happen.

User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#18
I think I probably will end up getting Halo 5 and 6 (when, if ever I get a next gen console), solely because I like the new experience. Of course Halo 4 has some problems and I prefer the older system to this one, but that doesn't mean I'm not still enjoying the game for the new experience.
Hopefully 343HaloCompany can do something with the next 2 to make me not just have fun, but rather really make me enjoy the game more than its predecessors.
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User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#19
From: VauntX | #012
I actually feel kind of bad for the guy...

Why? The majority of his posts were unsupported assertions and crying about people not staying on topic, then he closed by complaining that nobody had any good arguments.

what the hell happened to Double XP weekends?

Easy to reach level cap.
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User Info: That1Guyy

4 years ago#20
lderivedx posted...
Is Destiny really that similar of a game? I have payed almost zero attention to it.

The game has had zero gameplay revealed to us other than it is some kind of MMO, so there isn't anything to say about it either way.

Traditional Halo is done and it isn't coming back. What we're going to be seeing for the next few years is a series of average to above average games, but if you're expecting old Halo, the games could be the bee's knees and you'll still be disappointed. I don't really care about modern shooters any more, so I think this is the end of my FPS days. I'll stick with my Quake and Unreal-likes of the late 90s and early 2000s.
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