What has been your best match so far?

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User Info: PoppaKrogan

4 years ago#1
Probably the second day this game was out, I was playing on complex and I got in a ghost, no joke my K/D was 48 - 2 I just kept on mowing people down and it was the greatest feeling ever, I still think it's the reason I got the verdant visor a week after the game came out.
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User Info: MircoSheridan

4 years ago#2
woa a ghost sick LOL
offical voice of the h4 community LOL

User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#3
wow watch out we got a pro here....i mean dont all pros use their "best game" when they played kids without thumbs
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User Info: DvoloS88

4 years ago#4
Perfection on Ragnarok holding down the base with human snipe while half the enemy team rushed me entire game.
Perfection on meltdown using the starting mantis entire match.
Regicide on one of the newly added community maps held king entire match with multiple killing frenzies.
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User Info: -EsperantoZero-

4 years ago#5
i betrayde 34 peopl in 1 game LOL needlss 2 say no one booted me

User Info: Faliz18

4 years ago#6
DvoloS88 posted...

Perfection on meltdown using the starting mantis.

Yeah, this happens to me almost every game on meltdown, which is a shame considering no one ever votes for it.
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