Forge Maps and Graphical Lag

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User Info: amileo2001

4 years ago#1
Does anyone else feel like the forge maps play a little laggy? By lag I don't mean connection lag I mean just graphical lag. I have a harder time aiming on forge maps than I do on regular maps. It just doesn't seem as smooth. Am I crazy or do others feel the same?

User Info: Faliz18

4 years ago#2
I feel like forge maps don't play smoothly because 4's play style doesn't work on them.
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User Info: jesse_skater

4 years ago#3
if youre playing splitscreen on forge maps, you will have framerate lag
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User Info: amileo2001

4 years ago#4
I'm not playing on split screen this is just me playing online. I notice the lag the most when turning left and right which completely throws off my aim. I feel as though it has something to do with the whole "Generating Lighting" process which occurs before the match. I feel like that is the main source of the graphics lag. In any case, I believe they fudged something up with forge this go round and I wish I knew exactly how to describe it in terms of affected game play.

User Info: KamikazeCactuar

4 years ago#5
I only have this problem on Scythe.
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User Info: Landonio

4 years ago#6
Occasionally, but it's nowhere near as bad as Reach's.

User Info: hellzyaaahhhhhh

4 years ago#7
^ at least reachs laag was rare 90% rest time it would decide before hand to load or not load that map

i think lighting options are cool but why is it every time it has to generate lighting on the forge maps

just it makes the issues with best host worse if they leave
and why does the best connection host...
why cant xbox just have its own server with xbox live as host

adrift gets on man cannon... selecting host with best connection.... suicide!...

CTF 30sec left (about 15 sec from tieing game) selecting host with best connection....
finally connects 10 sec left... 1 step from caping the flag game over... loss!

now same game type as above with ctf same time left... when it reconnects its ether a auto loss or 5- sec left...

User Info: BeekBeekDan

4 years ago#8
Yes there is definitely some lag on forge maps. I mostly play splitscreen and there is a ton of lag on scythe and simplex so we don't vote for those two maps. When I play on my lcd tv by myself there is noticably less lag than when playing splitscreen. But when I actually do play by myself some times I switch my Xbox to my tube tv and I haven't noticed any on that tv.
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