Worst halo level system ever!!

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User Info: Reverseisback

4 years ago#1
What is this? I got to sr 130 back in febuary and I don't even pay attention nor do I care about challenges or daily challenges because its pointless and now I'm getting match made with the noobs I left behind months ago that now caught up! Halo was always known for its tuff and long level system. 343 I'm not happy about a lot of stuff your doing.
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User Info: butsizzle

4 years ago#2
Big girls don't cry.
Poopin' time!

User Info: WARRlOR

4 years ago#3
research halo 4 csr
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User Info: Jaidabecca

4 years ago#4

That's two topics you've made about the same thing. Even for a troll you're really bad.
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User Info: briman112

4 years ago#5
I disagree.
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User Info: killered3

4 years ago#6
I really miss the military ranks too, not this "SR6" crap.
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