Virgin Gaming FFA Tournament ($200k Grand Prize)

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User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#1
This is the information surrounding the tournament ripped from Major Nelson's blog...

Halo 4 Global Championship
“Halo 4” Global Championship Announced

343 Industries and Virgin Gaming reunite to launch the biggest ‘Halo 4’ tournament ever
with $500,000 in prizes

343 Industries, Xbox 360 and Virgin Gaming are teaming up again to launch the “Halo 4” Global Championship, a summer-long tournament that will give gamers around the world a chance to battle* for glory and win $500,000 in prizes, including a grand prize of $200,000.

Spanning multiple live events and five weeks of online competition on Xbox Live, the tournament is the biggest “Halo 4” competition yet, and will kick off at the Rooster Teeth Expo on July 5 and on Xbox Live on July 15. Competitors will test their skill and fortitude against one another in intense free-for-all matches over a series of qualifying rounds (based on average scores and elimination matches) for a chance to rise through the global leaderboards and win coveted prizes.

The tournament will culminate with a two-day Finals competition in Seattle, WA from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, where players will battle to become the ultimate Spartan, with the top players receiving cash prizes.

Beginning today, players can register for the “Halo 4” Global Championship by visiting and will be able to participate in two ways:

· Online Competition on Xbox Live. By registering through Virgin Gaming at and selecting the custom tournament playlist in “Halo 4,” players will be able to join the competition for free on Xbox Live. Each week there will be a different free-for-all mode for players to enjoy.

To qualify for a chance to compete in the Finals, players will need to complete a minimum of 20 matches in the tournament playlist per week. At the end of each week the players with the top four average scores will be deemed winners and be eligible to compete in the Finals. Additionally, each week qualifying players will have a chance to randomly win** special prizes.

· Live Events. Players will also be able to join the tournament by participating in live competitions at the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, TX from July 5 to 7 and Gamescom in Cologne, Germany from Aug. 21 to 25. Six finalists from each of the live events and 20 from the online qualifiers will receive an expenses paid trip to participate in the Finals in Seattle, Washington.

For additional information, including the registration process, rules, prizing and a full list of qualifying countries, please visit: and select the registration link.

Halo Waypoint info:

The registration site is having issues at the moment (big surprise...), but as soon as it's working properly, I know I'll be registering. So this seems like for the most part, it's not much of a tournament, rather than a boosting fest, but I'll try to remain positive for now. So who here thinks they have a shot at winning that fat $200,000 (US Dollar) check?

User Info: Scooby510

4 years ago#2
Lil B is my friend.

User Info: abresson

4 years ago#3
Week 1 infinity rumble
Week 2 rumble swat
I think I thought about who is I was
Gt: Seeemorebutss

User Info: bd0g5

4 years ago#4
Apparent gametypes:

Week 1 - Infinity Rumble
Week 2 - Rumble SWAT
Week 3 - Rumble Pro
Week 4 - Rumble Grab Bag
Week 5 - Legendary Rumble

Infinity is awful at times and SWAT is just r*******. bleh

User Info: MacDaMurderer

4 years ago#5
Some frauds will get in the tournament, but hey frauds show up to tournaments all the time.
Twitter: @macdamurderer
GT: Mac Da Murderer

User Info: melvin343

4 years ago#6
Battle Riffle,check...Plasma Pistol,check....Plasma Grenade,check....$200,000 in sight...
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XBOX GT: Player1mj117. PSN: playmaker45.

User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#7
yeah! I just signed up! I got an Avatar T-shirt for signing up, so my family is already super proud of me! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#8
MrFish86 posted...
yeah! I just signed up! I got an Avatar T-shirt for signing up, so my family is already super proud of me! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is that for everyone who signs up? it would be the only reason id sign stuff is always good. i dotn play enough to get 20 matches in a week so it would be like winning a shirt
gt darren reefnugs

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#9

Game collection:

User Info: RAGEface14

4 years ago#10
jakethenoob posted...

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