Lets play some Halo! YEAH!

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User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#11
darren19822000 posted...
aHungee_Yuropee posted...
MrFish86 posted...
I WON A FREE GAME (NiKE+ Kinnect!!!!!) from being so siiiiiiiiiiiiick at Halo 4! did anyone else win anything because they're good at halo 4????????????????

ppppppfffffffft....... didn't think SO!

Won a kinect. GOML

i wouldnt call that winning. i own one and havent used in other than for a few minutes wth the kids. ebay it while you can

yea, I don't own a kinnect either. I've been asking people I know that own kinnects if they want the game, and they all say it's packed away, and they won't be bringing it out any time soon. I finally found someone to take the game off my hands not too long ago, so it's gone now. So excited I won a game that I can't play! Best prize everrrrr!!!
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