Changes You Would Like To See In Halo 5

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User Info: Ruins Fate

Ruins Fate
4 years ago#1
What are somethings you'd like to see changed as the series goes forward? Let's try to keep things constructive and devolving into flaming. As someone who has been a die hard Halo fan since the original, I would love for this to happen:

- Removal of sprint completely or two separate game modes at launch, a "classic" without sprint and another with sprint.

- Spartans speed increased slightly and same with jumping.

- Rifles balanced at launch, or alternatively, just return to the BR.

- A slow firing pistol that is a 4sk.

- No AA. Alternatively, Thruster replaces sprint as a baseline move for all Spartans.

- Ordinances removed. Weapons spawn on timers, however the onscreen alerts users when a weapon is nearing respawn time (like a 15 second warning or just a count down).

- Shield recharge speed increased and delay decreased. This is to promote faster gameplay so people can get back into the action quicker (seriously, waiting 6 seconds for your shield to come back sucks).

- Complete removal of JIP or make it optional at most.

- Ranking system on day 1 with a level up system.

- Different Spartan helmets will actually make your HUD appear slightly different depending on the helmet.

- Dedicated servers thanks to Xbox One.

These are just some suggestions, what would you guys like to see going from H4 to H5?
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User Info: ThunderCavalier

4 years ago#2
Spartan Ops allowed offline.

Or just bring back Firefight.
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User Info: Paper_Mario_4

4 years ago#3
1) Remove sprint
2) Remove jetpack
3) Remove loadouts
4) Make the frags and stickies larger and intensify their sound effects. They also always seem to stick to a person's midsection...
5) Bring back dual wielding
6) Allow people to be elites again
7) For the love of God, please make the maps more interesting and compatible with the gametypes. In Halo 2 and 3, the maps were not only excellent for slayer, but they almost all worked seamlessly for CTF, oddball, Assault, etc.
7a) More explosives in the maps
7b) More movable items such as large blocks so that we may use them to barricade openings, paths, rooms, etc.
7c) Have windows that will can shatter as well as some that can't.
7d) Alcoves and airlifts that you are protected in the most part while riding them. (there's one like this in Headlong ans well as some in Construct)
7e) Have little edges and things players can shimmy onto to hide or ecape from grenades, etc.
7f) Create difficult spots to reach but spots that we can reach. In other words, purposely allow players the option to jump up to "cheap" places that give an advantage. Having little exploits here and there in a game isn't a bad thing.
7g) Too much open space in Halo 4 maps.

User Info: Predskull

4 years ago#4
Dual wielding back in using the default secondary weapons.
Weapon and AA balances.
Resupply is a built in ability like the past halo games.(There are other ways to stop grenade spam.)
100% removal of RANDOM weapon drops.
Ordinance removed or made less random.
Playing as an Elite back in/or elite armor.
Spartan Ops and/or Fire Fight able to be played offline.
Campaign matchmaking that works and is lag free as well as Spartan Ops and/or Fire Fight.
Return of old favorite weapons and vehicles that were removed like the flamethrower and chopper.
Return of old removed gametypes like assault and invasion.(In halo 4 there are way too many asymmetrical maps and no asymmetrical gametypes to go with like one flag.)
No unlocking needed to use gameplay affecting unlocks such as weapons abilities and grenades.

User Info: Paper_Mario_4

4 years ago#5
343i honestly just needs to make the small adjustments like take away sprint and improve the grenades, and finally make incredible maps.

They need to study the maps of Halo 2 down to every detail, and recreate those divine maps with their own heavenly spices.

User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#6
no flinch
no sprint
better maps
make 343 fire their staff and hire non noobs to work there. i say noobs because thay have to be stupid to think everyone plays halo for btb only
gt darren reefnugs

User Info: Ruins Fate

Ruins Fate
4 years ago#7
I feel like they should just have two gamesets out the gate - a "classic" gameset faithful to Halo 1/2/3 and then perhaps an "Infinity" playlist with all the new crap they've added. I know this would fragment the player base, but that's not a bad trade off if old fans can get what they want.
"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

User Info: SergioMach5

4 years ago#8
To 343's credit, they did well for their first halo game, but its still not halo perfection

My biggest gripe is the progression system. a 1-50 ranked would give me more reason to keep playing than any XP grinding to unlock stuff. How about a social half for that kind of progression, and the 1-50 for ranked team slayer/lone wolves/doubles/objective?

Loadouts immediately skewed the battlefield for different roles. Halo for me was great because everyone started on a level playing field and had to pick up better weapons from the ground.

maps felt barren without many weapons placed on them, particularly ragnarok when compared to Halo 3. place more weapons and powerups around, and that does not mean all powerful ones like a shotgun either.

Balance the mantis. It turned big team battles focus into who can get one first, and I hated that. Objective games werent about the flag, it was the mantis (on a side note, bring assault back!)

Maybe thats why I liked the global championship, it was competitive AND players started with the same loadouts in a lot of the matches. Go with that 343!
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User Info: DJ_Gunner

4 years ago#9
Here's what I would like to see in Halo 5.

1. Halo 2
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User Info: __bale

4 years ago#10
less noobs
more big maps
more use of the car, would also like to see more of the hovercraft
bigger enemies
wow strafing tryhards, i always stand still so the bullets can hit me. Whenever someone trys to dodge my shots i know they're a virgin LMAO
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