Halo 4 lead designer realizes he ruined Halo, runs off to Visceral

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User Info: kilfrfun

3 years ago#21
YAYSAY posted...
I thought the art style in reach was cool, everyone was battle damaged and really looked tough and gritty how spartan should be.
We need Dinos

User Info: Paper_Mario_4

3 years ago#22
HighVoltage87 posted...
I like how people consider Halo 4 as terrible. If Halo 4 is one of the worst games you've played, that is a good thing. Don't get me wrong, its the worst Halo game, but it is still a good game. Not great. But good.

No, it is not a good thing. Anytime you spend 60+ dollars on a video game and it it terrible, that is not a good investment. Especially when you want to sell the game and the video game community knows its not even worth the price of a couple very good hamburgers. Its price depreciated in value over 2/3 it's original value before it was even 8 months old.

Halo 4 is GARBAGE. Compared to Halo 2 and Halo 3, it is garbage. That is all. Forge is the best part of the game by far.

User Info: Paper_Mario_4

3 years ago#23
And nothing against the Forge, if that bad boy gets any better Halo 5 might be worth a rental just to check out the Forge.

But it is a very sad thing to say: that the Forge is much better than the campaign as well as the multiplayer. Online or offline, the Forge is simply better than anything Halo 4 can throw at us.

In multiplayer or campaign we have seen everything long ago. In Forge, the possibilities are very extensive.

User Info: ssj3blade

3 years ago#24
Halo 4 is the most graphically pleasing Halo game so far. The menu could do with some work, as could the SPARTAN avatars in the menu, but the in game SPARTAN models look amazing. Seriously, enter Theater and have a close up look. The colours are so much better than the standard Red/Blue and the textures look crisp.

User Info: haloisfunbro

3 years ago#25
halo 5 will suck compared to halo 1 2 and 3 but it should still be... good enuff... I guess

User Info: Ace_of_Dusk

3 years ago#26
Lmfao. What a jacka**. He supposedly screws over one game series to run off and do it again? He should really take his lack of skill in consideration and just not ruin Star Wars games for me.
Xbox Live GT: Ace of Dusk
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