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User Info: MrFish86

3 years ago#1
********************************************** GameFAQs Tournament III (INFORMATION) *******************************************

Tournament Start/ End Times:
*(Start Date) Friday, December 20th
*(MAXIMUM** End Date) Friday, January 4th

Slayer Settings:
*2v2 Matches
*-1 points/ suicide
*Game Time: 15 Minutes
*Kill Limit: 25
*Aim Assist/ Magnetism reduction
*BR Spread reduction

CTF Settings:
*2v2 Matches
*5 flag caps to win
*Game clock set to 30 minutes***
*Game time: 15 minutes
*Aim Assist/ Magnetism reduction****
*BR Spread reduction

*Rotation: Onyx (Slayer), Simplex (CTF), Haven/ Abandon (Slayer), Simplex (CTF), Haven/ Abandon (Slayer)*****
*Versions: All maps are adjusted for 2v2 settings, and are labeled “GFT3”
*Availability: Search for "Mr Fish 68" from the search menu in Halo 4 for game settings and map variants.

Tournament Settings
*Double Elimination
*Normal Rounds: Best 2/3 Sets
*Loser’s/ Winner’s/ Grand Finals: Best 3/5 Sets

Prizes (1 per team member)
*1st Place: $20 Amazon gift card AND The Pride of knowing you have just been crowned the BEST Halo 4 2v2 players on GameFAQs!!!
*2nd Place: $10 Amazon gift card
*3rd Place: $5 Amazon gift card

Due to complications with the last two tournaments, a lot of players were unable to participate due to time constraints with work/ school/ life/ etc. So, for this upcoming tournament, we will allow for 2 weeks of playtime. I still encourage players to complete their games as rapidly as possible in order to not inconvenience other players. There will be an active bracket website that will be updated as matches are played. Just keep checking the bracket website to see who you will be playing next. If it’s necessary, I will help teams find a matchup time to play their games. Hopefully though, most matches will be set up between teams with relative ease. IF a team is not able to play by a reasonable date (i.e. a team that can't play game 1 until December 30th, or a team that can't play their 3rd game until January 4th), then they will have to forfeit the match. The forfeit rule will be fairly lenient, and only enforced if it's seen to be absolutely necessary it the late game is holding up the rest of the tournament. Hopefully this won't have to be enforced at all.

User Info: MrFish86

3 years ago#2
::::::::Questions and Answers::::::::

Q: We just finished our first game, how do we report it?
A: You can either send me PM, an XBL message, or post on the boards telling me what the overall round score was (ie: We won 2-1, or we lost 0-2, etc.). You can post the game link if you want, but it’s not 100% necessary.

Q: My partner backed out of the tournament even though we’re still in it, what do I do?
A: you can try and find a partner, but if another team is waiting on you, you better hurry up. You cannot form teams out of players that are already in the tournament. So say I immediately, and you make it to the finals, you can not pick me up as a partner.

Q: Both of our teams agree that your maps and setting choices are stupid! Can we just play whatever we want?
A: No. Stick to the map rotation. Any maps played out of rotation will NOT count, and will be seen as a practice match. So familiarize yourselves with the map/ setting rotation.

Q: We just had a tie, what do we do?
A: Slayer ties, load up another game and play first to 10. CTF ties, load up a game, and first cap wins.

Q: I am lagging like CRAZY! This is not fair, what can I do?
A: Nothing. This is an Internet tournament; lag is bound to happen at some point. Just do your best.

Q: The lag was so bad in our game that we disconnected, is there anything that we can do?
A: If there is a legitimate disconnect, then load the game back up with the previous game’s score in mind. So if the DC happened in a slayer game with a score of (red team 20) – (blue team 17), then the red team needs 5 more kills, while the blue team needs 8 more kills.

Q: I am almost positive that the other team is pulling the plug on their Ethernet chord, or powering off their Xbox to fake a disconnect… What can we do?
A: If a team is found to pull shady shenanigans like this, then they will lose the game on the first offence, and will be kicked out the tournament entirely on their second offence. This was an issue late in the last tournament, and it’s pretty clear to tell if the disconnect was intentional or not when looking at a player’s game history on Waypoint.

User Info: MrFish86

3 years ago#3
**Q: Why does it say “MAXIMUM” next to the end date?
A: It says this because the tournament will end as soon as the final game is played, which could happen any time from the very first day, all the way to the very last day of January 4th. The faster people play, the faster this tournament will end!

***Q: I don’t get it… It says “30 minute game clock”, but also lists a 15 minute game time? What’s that all about?
A: We will be using tournament style game times for our CTF matches. Once the timer reaches 15 minutes, the game is over. Overtime happens if there is a tie in the score, or if a team down by 1 score has pulled the flag before 15 minutes has been reached. In this case, overtime will end once the flag is returned, or if the flag is scored to tie the game, then the next flag will win the game.

****Q: Huh? It says Aim assist/ magnetism reduction, BR spread reduction, and no sprint. How is this possible?
A: That’s right! These settings will have modified settings that provide all that was mentioned above. These modifications will allow for an experience that’s much closer to previous Halo titles.

*****Q: I am confused by the map rotation… Why does it says “Haven/ Abandon” for game 3 and 5?
A: The way that the map rotation works, is that the team that wins the very first game in the rotation (Onyx Slayer) will have the ability to choose between Haven or Abandon slayer for game 3, should that game be necessary. This choice for game 3 will work the same in the loser’s/ winner’s/ grand finals, however should a game 5 be necessary, the last unplayed map will be played. In example, if abandon is chosen for game 3, and game 5 is eventually played, then Haven will have to played since Abandon was chosen for game 3. So be sure to win Game 1, it could be crucial!

Other than that, below are some important links for you guys to check out (maps/ settings/ brackets). The brackets are not set in stone at ALL so please don’t complain about then just yet, since they WILL CHANGE! Just remember that this is a free to enter tournament, so just try to have fun, and do your best to make this tournament run smoothly. The smoother that this runs, the more likely that I am to host a bigger and better tournament further down the line! Any question that you guys have that’s not listed here, feel free to ask me, and I’ll clear up whatever’s troubling you, as soon as possible! Keep signing up, and spread the word!!!


Tournament Settings: tiny.cc/GFT3Settings
Tournament Maps: tiny.cc/GFT3Maps
Brackets: www.challonge.com/gft3

P.S. Here are the names signed up so far (lots of teams need to let me know who their partners are!

vBlite + Darkened Night
Kpt Kpowski + ???
B5Dog + Swizzy
Scooby + Sanzaru
MasterKos25 + ???
Knole Train + Choobaca
Dopp1eg4nger + ???
Silversleek 01 + ???
Vivala Ty 25 + gamecore97
X F4ktoR + ???

User Info: WARRlOR

3 years ago#4
free agent
GT: yPPoLs

User Info: WARRlOR

3 years ago#5
ne bales in the house looking for a to1
GT: yPPoLs

User Info: aHungee_Yuropee

3 years ago#6
European settings <3

User Info: Chromic

3 years ago#7
I'm not joining as I deleted Halo 4 from my HDD, but I'm tempted to redownload it for this because Sprint is disabled.
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User Info: __bale

3 years ago#8
update: me and blake will be teaming and winning this. if you wanna send that amazon card right now fish PM me and ill send you my email
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User Info: aHungee_Yuropee

3 years ago#9
Fish got dropped :'(

inb4 Fish wins dis.

User Info: Bigtymer113

3 years ago#10
damn. bale just dropped his teammate via tournament topic and now is already calling that he will win the tournament, asking his ex teammate (who is running the tournament) to give him the grand prize already

bale confirmed douche lord
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