Anyone else want a permanent DLC playlist?

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  3. Anyone else want a permanent DLC playlist?

User Info: TheThrillmaster

3 years ago#1
I know it's a playlist that doesn't see much attention, but I'm honestly sick of having every achievement but 15 DLC ones, hell, I'm even missing one requiring me to kill 20 enemies with a machine gun turret.

Does anyone know why they only keep Team DLC up for a short period of time?
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User Info: Insanerider

3 years ago#2
Because not enough people bought the DLC so a DLC only playlist just isn't worth keeping around.

A crying shame, really.
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User Info: brokenpuzzle

3 years ago#3
I want them to bring back a KOTH playlist. Game went down hill after they dropped that.
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User Info: aByLiTy

3 years ago#4
nah, not really
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User Info: Jaidabecca

3 years ago#5
I would rather have 343 keep a separate playlist for every game type that has it's own commendation. But most importantly, for me, I would LOVE if they brought back a game type where you spawn with a SpLaser(like SpLockets from Reach's Action Sack).
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3 years ago#6
I am planning to get the war games pass tonight actually so yeah I would love a DLC playlist, it's a shame not many people play this, it was 343's first game and to be fair, I think its a very good game, maybe not a very good halo game, but a good game nonetheless.
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User Info: aByLiTy

3 years ago#7
wait...people are still spending money on this game? lol wow...
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  3. Anyone else want a permanent DLC playlist?

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