Is this game worth buying just for the campaign?

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  3. Is this game worth buying just for the campaign?

User Info: ThermalStone

3 years ago#1
14.99 on games on demand. Probably won't do much multiplayer but I'd like to see what MC has been up to since Halo 3. Campaign any good?
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User Info: lel_nino

3 years ago#2
it's okay. probably worth 15
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User Info: __bale

3 years ago#3
i personally did not enjoy it all that much but most people who are die hard halo campaign fans seemed to love it (i just play halo for the MP)
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User Info: este914

3 years ago#4
I got it just for the campaign. Completed it once and haven't touched it since. I'll probably revisit it later on at some point. But I wouldn't pay more then $10-$15 for it.
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User Info: Senior_Bonez

3 years ago#5
...yes, yes it is. As far as opening up a new chapter it's great. Coming from a fan of the story (even Arbiter) it's nice to see their focus be more on Master Chief and his relationship with Cortana, and the constant comparison on each other's humanity. Also it finally introduces Forerunner in this series instead of the librarian just Assuming Master Chief is forerunner from his armor design. It's worth the 15 bucks
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User Info: lderivedx

3 years ago#6
i don't find a 6 hour campaign to be worth $15

User Info: Bloite

3 years ago#7
No halo is worth buying for the campaign.

User Info: vashkey

3 years ago#8
You can buy a used copy at Gamestop for ten bucks. It's cheaper and idk about you but I prefer having a physical copy if it's reasonably priced.

User Info: Urdnot_Runt

3 years ago#9
No. The campaign is lackluster for a halo game
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  3. Is this game worth buying just for the campaign?

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