would I like this if I'm not really into shmups?

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User Info: yearisyesterday

5 years ago#1
So it's pretty clear that this is a game for shmup fans. I LOVED Pixeljunk Shooter and like Shooter 2 a lot as well. The exploration, puzzles, atmosphere, and intuitive game design were top-notch. My only complaint for PS2 was that it was too actiony...in the first game, I restarted levels because I accidentally killed a survivor. In the second game, I restarted levels because my ship got destroyed. However, both are among my favorite PSN games.

I'm thinking about getting Sidescroller while it's on sale, but I realize that this is a shift completely in the direction of action. Aside from the visuals, is there anything to recommend this game to somebody who isn't much of a shmup fan? Does it progress the story of Shooter in any way? Introduce new play mechanics (like Shooter 2 introduced acid and light)? Is there anything to encourage replays other than the scoreboard?
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User Info: MiOdd

5 years ago#2
Thats like I asking if I would enjoy attending a ball game but I'm not really into baseball. So I'm gonna say no, you won't like it.

I never played Shooter 2 but I can confirm it is not like PixelJunk Shooter 1, there is no exploration and no puzzles, the game is a fixed scrolling shooter, enemies move, you shoot them, thats is. There is no story as far as I can tell, there are no new innovative mechanics, although it uses water and lava in similar fashions to Shooter. Other than score attacking, there are three hidden emblems to find in each level and unlockable difficulties to master.

The game is a shmup through and through, its a good game but if you didn't like shmups before, I don't think this will change your opinion of them.
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  3. would I like this if I'm not really into shmups?

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