2001: A space odyssey themed map (+ video)

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User Info: ilantis

5 years ago#1
Themed map made by user = los lantis (LOS LANTIS)
Map name= 2001:A SpaceOdyssey
Difficulty= Hard
tags: cinematic, themed, boss battle, retrò (may be wrong)

I hope you like it, it took me a LOT of time to make, it's not the usual cinematic map were you just press RT, I managed to make it quite challenging and also add 2 minigames and some easter eggs.
I tried to recreate the movie's feel , but most of all I wanted to make it fun.

I made a poor video cause my brother borrowed my good camera, but I advice strongly NOT to play it if you intend to play the actual map, as it spoils crucial moments.

Please rate it and ENJOY it ;)

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBlMtPg1huc
(currently uploading as it's taking forever, should it not work I'll upload a fresh one)

If you find any irregularities, bugs ecc... please report them and I may release a fix (i hope however that you find none)

User Info: Mouse_Crouse

5 years ago#2
I really loved the battery part. Well done.

User Info: ilantis

5 years ago#3
Just released a fix for a bug that prevented doing the whole track in one long run without retries.

User Info: ilantis

5 years ago#4
I noticed a lot of people had problems on the gravity platforms. If someone could post a feedback I could think about making it easier (even though I thought they would have been fun to figure out)

User Info: i2KxLeniNx

5 years ago#5
That looked really awesome, I can see how that took you so long lol. Definitely going to download this later, looks like a fun challenge.
TIP: Saving survivors will get you lots of PP!

User Info: ilantis

5 years ago#6
I've been looking at the replays and I'm thinking about making an updated, slightly simplified version. Any suggestion ?
Anyway I laughed my ass off seeing a guy that managed to do the space section without using the booster by pulling off an insane space jump over the flying objects, he was quite a noob though XD

Also my noob traps work fine, the spinning blades after the text is one of my favourite only because they take you so unprepared while you are trying to read, and "the rings" , which I think most players found, are also a lot of fun ( there was a guy who ran into them like 10 times before figuring out the way XD)

User Info: ilantis

5 years ago#7
Next week I'll upload probably the final update, which will be nothing fancy, but it will simplify some sections and make everything more intuitive.

User Info: ilantis

5 years ago#8
Final Update is practically ready, I've improved on many little things I saw thanks to the replays, also I've added some visual updates, mostly in the starting section.
I WOULD REALLY NEED A FEEDBACK, possibly explaining which parts need to be improved the most (or the ones you didn't like at all, or you found too difficult). If you are kind enough post it here or send me a message on XBL ;)

Depending on this the upload release may be in a couple hours or tomorrow

User Info: Cuttooth

5 years ago#9
Very cool map, if a little confusing. I haven't seen 2001, but I know enough about the film to appreciate the theme.

The confusing/frustrating parts:

- the part where you drive on the giant button and the gravity and camera change. Took a while to figure out where to go after you land

- the part after the blades (I think), where you drive up the wall w/ green lines. The corners are very sensitive, hard to stay on.

- the most confusing part was probably the room at the end where you get zapped. I kept restarting, trying to avoid the electricity. That part is really cool once you figure it out though.

- I loved the loop at the start, and first time through did it no problem, but replaying the level it seems like there's a spot on the bottom that causes the bike to jump slightly? It doesn't necessarily make you fault, but it slows you down enough that you can't do the next part (with the air current).

I understand these parts are supposed to confuse the player at first, and I think it's fine to make them think a bit to figure it out. But those first 2 things I mentioned were the parts that my brother threatened to quit at (when he played the track), due to frustration. He's not the most patient player however, so take that with a grain of salt.

User Info: ilantis

5 years ago#10
Thank you, at the first button part i've eliminated the "cut" option on the camera, it looks smoother and it's still a bit confusing, but the whole switching gravity thing is. Now though it's much easier to do the loop at the 2nd button. I think I'm going to add some shiny lights at the landing spot.

As for the green platform it's the thing most players had troubles on, but I'm happy at how I fixed it, now it will be much easier to get the first corner, as you still have gravity on your side, but you still need to be carefull at the last one. It's now possible though to go past them without even breaking.

I still need to think about a way to make the zapper more intuitive, as it's not easy to make someone accept the idea that their bike is gone. Maybe I'll add a bigger bolt, so that you know there is no escape, or maybe I'll cut the bolt and make something different, maybe a magnet.

As for the loop I've noticed it and it will be the first thing I'll get to, it should't be too hard to fix.

Should be ready in a couple hours. Thanks again for the feedback ;)
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