Ranked character frequencies

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User Info: Zelloss

5 years ago#1
I got so bored today I decided to look up the number of players playing each character and figure out which characters were most common in Ranked matches.

This is based on the number of Vita players who have reached 50 PSR or more with a character - it doesn't take long to get there, but it shows that there's at least some level of repetition and dedication, as opposed to "Oh yeah I played around with them a couple times online".

1142 (17.6%) — Ragna
636 (9.8%) — Noel
556 (8.6%) — Jin
545 (8.4%) — Tager
479 (7.4%) — Hazama
472 (7.3%) — Lambda
444 (6.8%) — Hakumen
437 (6.7%) — Platinum
348 (5.4%) — Relius
242 (3.7%) — Tsubaki
220 (3.4%) — Mu
156 (2.4%) — Bang
141 (2.2%) — Valkenhayn
137 (2.1%) — Arakune
129 (2.0%) — Rachel
127 (2.0%) — Makoto
110 (1.7%) — Litchi
88 (1.4%) — Carl
85 (1.3%) — Taokaka
Total players above 50 PSR: 6494

Now you know that it really isn't your imagination - there really is an absurdly high frequency of Ragnas. This doesn't change too much as the cutoff point becomes higher, either (The only really significant difference is that there is a sudden swap between Hazama and Noel; everything else is maybe one spot in either direction)
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User Info: WhiteSword7

5 years ago#2
Beacuse Ragna is the easiest character to use for noobs..
including me :)
one does not simply beat Stylish Ragna
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