Snk is currently working on a great metal slug project for 2013

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  3. Snk is currently working on a great metal slug project for 2013

User Info: TheDoorMouse

4 years ago#1
"Famitsu this week features an interview with several Japanese game companies on their plans for 2013. Unfortunately, there is a lack of Atlus teasing Persona 5 for the 10th time. But there are these:

Aquaplus: In 2013, there are plans to release one title after another.
Aquire: 2013 will continue to bring challenges.
Compile Heart / Idea Factory: A new title in a popular series, of course something new that exceeds the imagination, is being prepared.
CyberConnect2: 2013 will have Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, Night Runner (tentative), and more.
D3 Publisher: 2013 lineup includes Smakare, Storm Lover 2nd, Vitamin Z: Gradation, Vitamin R, Dream Club Host Girl Collection, Dream Club Zero Special Edipyon!, Puzzle Royale, Earth Defense Force 2025, Dream Club New Shop Np5, and Onechanbara Z: Kagura (A re-release? New platforms?).
Ganbarion: New projects will be announced.
Imageepoch: They are preparing to publish their fourth and fifth titles.
SNK Playmore: 2013 will mark a great charge for Metal Slug.
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan: 2013 will be a bright new year and they will deliver surprising entertainment to everyone."


So there ya go folks. A little bit of SNK news for you.
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User Info: TheDoorMouse

4 years ago#2
They also posted this at Christmas

"SNK PLAYMORE wishes you a happy holiday season!
We hope 2013 will be a great year, full of contents that , we are sure, will please all our fans worldwide!

See you next year!"

Looks like we do indeed have new stuff on the horizon! :)
Digimon Remix = Hilarious:

User Info: chiefofsb78

4 years ago#3
I already knew about Metal Slug hope its not only for the cell phones but console as well good to here some update on it tho
i hope they add some games to the NeoGeo Station on PSN for 2013

User Info: LordRattergun

4 years ago#4
Awesome, Metal Slug is a great series.
Rattergun, you are truly a hero for our times. - Recoome_is_god

User Info: zhaoyun99

4 years ago#5

Can somebody feel my happiness? None because I'm SO FREAKING CRAZY RIGHT NOW.
"Another has fallen to my spear!!!" Zhao Yun
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  3. Snk is currently working on a great metal slug project for 2013

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