Release date? :O

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User Info: pokemong130

5 years ago#1
This website says the release date is November 18.

Was hoping a bit earlier though lol.

User Info: BoostPower2004

5 years ago#2
This is the first I've heard of an actual date, but the official site still only says "Holiday", so I'd take this information with a grain of salt.

And this is probably where I'd go into my speculation mode, but it's much too soon for that. Either way, it would make more sense for this to come out in October, no?

User Info: Luigi4President

5 years ago#3
I made a schedule for this:

October: LMDM
Nomvember: WII U (Pikmin 3 / NSMBU / Etc.)
December: PMSS
January: ACJO
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User Info: _Blazy

5 years ago#4
I don't know about the link posted, but I know that Wikipedia used to list DM's (okay, so technically, at the time, it was LM2) release date as November 18th... back in 2011. Maybe the writer just looked it up on Wikipedia when the data hadn't been updated as research. I checked just a minute ago, and it says TBD 2012, now, so who knows what's going on.

I definitely remember 11/18 being listed on the Wikipedia article, though...

User Info: BoostPower2004

5 years ago#5
Luigi4President posted...
I made a schedule for this:

October: LMDM
Nomvember: WII U (Pikmin 3 / NSMBU / Etc.)
December: PMSS
January: ACJO

This is about what I had in mind, actually. November will most likely be all about the Wii U. By that train of thought, Nintendo's releases for the rest of the year (in NA) should go...

June: Pokémon Conquest, NPC Mario Power Tennis (Nintendo Selects), and NPC Pikmin 2 (Nintendo Selects)

July: The Last Story (With XSEED)

August: New Super Mario Bros. 2

September: Possibly Pokémon Black and White 2, plus the two eShop games that go together with them.

October: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

November: Wii U launch, and maybe the Kirby Collection before that

December: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

2013: Animal Crossing: Jump Out(Q1), Fire Emblem: Awakening(Possibly Q3-4), Professor Layton 5, and so on.

This is how I usually theorize when a major release might be hitting. Do keep in mind all of this is pure speculation on my end.

User Info: IlikeBacon16

5 years ago#6
^Kirby collection confirmed for September. The name is actually Kirby’s Dream Collection Special Edition.

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