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I'm hoping this will be available as a download

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User Info: Minor Annoyance

Minor Annoyance
5 years ago#1
The previous versions had a 'channel' you could install so you could record weight without needing a disk but I want the whole game installed, since I will always be playing this game and one other.
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User Info: Kayube

5 years ago#2
I agree. I'd probably be more likely to play it more often if I didn't have to switch discs.
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User Info: Tails 64

Tails 64
5 years ago#3
That's a very good idea. I don't usually download games, but since this is supposed to be a daily thing, I can see where you're coming from. Agreed.
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User Info: Thrippa

5 years ago#4
I had considered this as a download for the same reasons, but then there would need to be a way to get the step-counter separately; that would be a bit hard to download. BTW, the Wii Fit channel can be installed on the Wii U, it just doesn't carry over from the Wii. But being able to do the exercises without having to swap disks around would be very much appreciated. That's one of the reasons I mostly just weigh in nowadays (160 weeks and counting).
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  3. I'm hoping this will be available as a download

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