C/D: This "tech demo" will become an actual game.

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User Info: Catcher_Freeman

6 years ago#1
C. There's too much work put into this and Zelda Wii U for them just to be tech demos
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User Info: Yellowstone2012

6 years ago#2

User Info: gamestar3000

6 years ago#3
confirm. I mean, why would they even bother to show it at E3 if it's not going to be announced as a game?That would be like announcing SSB4, then not going through with it. Also, I saw the word "demo", which by my standards, means if there is a demo, there is/will be a full game of it.
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User Info: Knuckles07

6 years ago#4
C... but I think its appearance will be altered quite a bit before it's actually released.
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User Info: Shadow_Divine

6 years ago#5
Because they made a cool looking Zelda tech demo for Gamecube too and we ended up with windwaker...
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User Info: Pinkenburg

6 years ago#6
windwaker looks better than that old tech demo evy1 complains about
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User Info: SMASHKING84

6 years ago#7
Confirmed. edit:though i don't think nsmb mii will be the final name.
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User Info: ExcIusivity69

6 years ago#8
I actually really like the name, and the concept....

But at the same time, I kind of don't want it to be real. I don't hate Mii's, but they're going to be tainting the Mario universe with their inclusion in a main series game. Spin offs are okay, but they should stay away from the main series.

User Info: Timoteck1

6 years ago#9
the 'tech demo' is them showing off how far they've come with the build of the game engine. Of course there is a game coming; it's just that they might upgrade the game engine (and almost definately improve the level design)
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User Info: Japanese_Animes

6 years ago#10
They'll probably incorporate Miis if they make a 2D Mario game for Wii U, but I hope they make some major changes to differentiate it from the first two NSMB games. And hopefully they won't call it "New Super Mario Bros."
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