Why is there a board for this?

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User Info: Ccroybb

6 years ago#1
It was confirmed this wasn't a game, so why does this message board exist?

User Info: Wiiplayer111

6 years ago#2
The FF7 tech demo board is still sitting there after all these years, Gamefaqs is a hopeful website.
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User Info: NecroStreak128

6 years ago#3
Why not? It could become a game eventually.

User Info: MoxRavager

6 years ago#4
I've been lurking GameFAQS since 1999. They have always added boards for games with only a slim chance of ever existing.
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User Info: Decapre

6 years ago#5
this may be a game in the future... i dont see why not its mario, never really gone wrong before
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User Info: GangstaGoads

6 years ago#6
so that trolls have something to troll
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User Info: pancakegr8

6 years ago#7
it's not a game?
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User Info: smashfighter

6 years ago#8
On the E3 website of nintendo it is said to be a real game that's coming out.
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  3. Why is there a board for this?

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