Is this a game that will be made?

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  3. Is this a game that will be made?

User Info: MaverickBear45

6 years ago#1
is this a real game in production, or was it just a tech demo for the unveiling of the Wii U?
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User Info: Mariosonic12

6 years ago#2
For now,I think it's just a tech demo.But it could be made into a real game later on.If it does,I hope it'll be cheaper than the normal Wii U game prices(no one knows what the prices are yet,I assume $60)since it's a slightly upgraded verson of NSMBW
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User Info: hyliaman

6 years ago#3
I'd be heart broken if it wasn't eventually made into something on Wii U. I just hope it looks a lot better than what is being shown on this tech demo.
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  3. Is this a game that will be made?

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