It shouldn't have any Mii's in it

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User Info: gamestar3000

5 years ago#21
I get that a lot...
Star Wolf... He can't let you do that...

User Info: PaperDolphin

5 years ago#22
MrSpacelySlate posted...
It shouldn't have two Toads nobody cares about.

I care about them. I care about them more than Mario & Luigi.
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User Info: Wesfanboynever

5 years ago#23
Geez this board is hostile... like the Mario Tennis Open one...

Anyway my thoughts. Pretty neutral regarding Miis for this game. In the end, there are people out there who probably do want to play as Miis in a Super Mario Bros game so good for them. As for my I personally don't care either way though I'll probably try them at some point in the game.
What's to say really?
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User Info: A_MAZ_ING

5 years ago#25
EternalDivide posted...
I'll say. It's just as ridiculous and out of place as if you could use your 360/PS3 avatar in Halo or Uncharted.

Leave those little turds out of games they don't belong in. They're not cute or funny or whatever nintendo thinks we think of them that we would want them invading our games.

This. Leave Mii's for animal crossing or Pikmin.

User Info: Catcher_Freeman

5 years ago#26
If it's optional, all complaints are invalid.
Swagodile's alt.

User Info: Wario_man

5 years ago#27
Miis should never have existed. They're a talentless abomination that aren't funny, aren't cute, aren't charming and aren't fun to look at. They're the Shia Lebeouf of video games.
Respect isn't learned, it's earned.
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  3. It shouldn't have any Mii's in it

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