Favorite pieces of music in any Mario game?

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User Info: FierceDeity1026

5 years ago#1
Let's see...

SMB1: The All-Stars version of the underground and overworld themes

SMB2: All-Stars version of underground theme

SMB3: World 4 and 8 map themes

SMW: Koopalings battle theme

YI: Athletic, underground, final boss battle

SML: Overworld theme

SML2: One of the overworld themes (forgot which one exactly >.>)

NSMB: Underwater theme

NSMBWii: Star theme, world 8 overworld theme, Koopaling battle 2

SM64: Wing/Vanish Cap, Jolly Roger Lagoon, Koopa's Road

SMS: Serena Beach, Noki Bay

SMG: Space Junk, Buoy Base

SMG2: Cosmic Cove, Sweet Mystery, Bowser Jr. battle 2

SM3DL: That theme with the changing red, yellow, and blue blocks

You don't have to list all the Mario games if you don't want to, you can just say your favorite Mario song. Or you can even list spin-offs and other Mario characters' games.

User Info: PaperDolphin

5 years ago#2
SMB: Overworld
SMB2: Underground
SMB3: Sea Side, Ice Land, Fortress
YI: Athletic
NSMB: Athletic
NSMBW: Athletic

SM64: Bowser Level
SMS: Boss Theme
SMG: Buoy Base/ Gusty Garden
SMG2: Final Boss
SM3DL: Toad House
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User Info: NeonYoshi11

5 years ago#3
SMB 3 - I think it's world 1-3 .. ACtually I love all world one music from this game.

SMW - Everything from Super Mario World. It's beautiful really. So many memorable tracks.

SM64 - Dire Dire Docks !!! Koji Kondo is Brilliant. Such a Peaceful song.

^ Probably my favorite Mario Song ever. It's at least in my top 3.

User Info: MuTeKiKen

5 years ago#4
Surprisingly I don't have many for Mario games in general. Sure some I just can't forget but my favorites are generally from spin-offs (well, the topic title does say ANY Mario game).

From the main series, my favorite game when it comes to songs is either Galaxy 1 or 2, HM 64.
My favorite song... I just can't pick. I recently found that I liked the Koopaling battle theme in SMW.
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User Info: 1918me

5 years ago#5
SMB: Overworld. Such an iconic piece...

SMB2: Overworld, I guess.

SMB3: Airship theme.

SMW: Everything. I mean, they're all basically the same melody, and they're all so great!

SM64: Dire Dire Docks, or Ultimate Koopa (final bowser). The former is beautiful, the latter is just plain awesome.

SMS: Ricco Harbor. Good times...

SMG1: The water theme, what was it called...?

SMG2: Final Bowser Fight.

NSMBW: I wasn't a huge fan of the music in that game, actually, but I think I'd have to go with the Ice world music.

In all, SM64 has my favorite music :D
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User Info: FierceDeity1026

5 years ago#6
I guess I'll do a spin-off list as well.

SMRPG: Seaside Town, Barrel Volcano, Mini boss, Boss, Final boss 2nd form

PM: Normal battle, Mini boss, Koopa Bros battle, Forever Forest, Tubba Blubba battle, Lava Piranha battle, Shiver City, Over Shiver Mountain, Crystal King battle, Star Haven, final Bowser battle

PM2: Normal battle, both mini boss themes, Rogueport, Rogueport sewers, Petal Meadows, Boggly Woods, the Great Tree, Magnus von Grapple battle, Glitzville, mystery of the Glitz Pit, Rawk Hawk battle, Macho Grubba battle, Doopliss battle, Pirate's Grotto, Excess Express afternoon, Riverside Station, Smorg battle, X-Naut Fortess (with Mario), We're Counting on You Mario, final boss final form, Pit of 100 Trials

SPM: Lineland Road, Soft Light, Gloam Valley, Star theme, Tile Pool, Francis battle, Brobot battle, Floro Sapien cave, Brobot L-type battle, final boss battle

M&L: Normal battle, boss battle, Beanbean Kingdom overworld, Popple battle, Oho Oasis, final boss final form

M&L2: Normal battle, boss battle, Gritzy Desert temple

M&L3: Boss battle, Dimble Wood, final battle

Wario World: Wonky Circus 2

Everything Else: Stardust Battle (Party 3), Yoshi Field (Baseball), Koopa/Luigi/Bowser theme (Strikers Charged), Records (Tennis 64), Main menu (MKWii/7), Lakitu Valley (Toadstool Tour), Bowser's Castle (Sports Mix)

Jeez......I like a lot of Mario music haha

User Info: Megabest39

5 years ago#7
I kinda like the music in SMW when mario dies. It kind of reminds me of this board.
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