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User Info: omniryu

6 years ago#1
what do you think? is it going to based off an historical event? The Legend of Zelda: Hero of Men? The legend of Zelda: interloper war? what do you think?
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User Info: KainWind

6 years ago#2
It will probably be based on a name of something or someone in the game that we couldn't possibly know at this point in time.

At least that's how it usually works.
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User Info: Dirty_Harold

6 years ago#3
The Legend of Zelda: Woo

User Info: MajorasMask9

6 years ago#4
Legend of OO

It's finally here guys
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User Info: hhhklon

6 years ago#5
actually.... having an in-game War would be quite... bad-ass
just a thought though
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User Info: RedLink43

6 years ago#6
Legend of Zelda: police car. only on the Wii U.

WiiU WiiU WiiU....

User Info: omniryu

6 years ago#7
when the hell I made this?
PSN ID: Omniryu; pkmn White FC: 3997 6383 0943
3DS FC: 3093 7077 0664

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