Please don't be another prequel.

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User Info: MrYellowPenguin

6 years ago#11
I don't know. I just think that the Zelda series has enough prequels as is. Seems like besides the cel shaded games, TP and MM and TAOL, they keep going backwards and backwards. I would rather have seen a continuation beyond Twilight Princess or something. But then again, it's nothing that will deter me from actually buying SS, because it looks awesome regardless. I'm just hoping this next Zelda for Wii U will not be ANOTHER prequel.

LttP, LA, and SS are definite prequels. We still don't really know where MC, FSA, and OoX actually place in timeline. We can only speculate where they belong in the timeline. FSA was also a sequel, as it was a follow-up to MC. You really don't have much evidence in favor of your argument. Overall the series has mostly been going forward. Most of the prequels are older games anyway. You complain as if a lot of prequels have been happening. Most of the recent games have been sequels. Besides, nothing's wrong with a sequel or two here and there.

User Info: Anouleth

6 years ago#12
Zelda has a timeline?
I love Seth. And Titania. And Marcus. All those great already promoted EXP drains they force to take up a lot on your team.
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  3. Please don't be another prequel.

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